Since March 1st I've gone Primal. Here I am sitting on 280(Sounds like a lot I know but give me a chance to explain my physique) I've lost 50 lbs, but it doesn't really show. I'm losing some of the stretch mark "wrinkles" in my arms, my calves are looking solid, my thighs are getting there, very little fat left. My gut is what's holding about 40 lbs (If that) of fat left to melt off. As for my weight-no I'm not worried. I'm 6'1 with a very, VERY bulky build skeleton wise I'm easily in the realm of "Big Boned". My question is, is it normal to not notice a huge difference in my overall girth despite being down that much? I've noticed I'm at least twice as strong as I was when i started and I have seen some minor differences in my physique but even my girlfriend isn't sure where the hell the 50 lbs went. Am I just being paranoid?

To cover some bases, same scale every time, weighed once a week, steadily dropping pounds every week, starting the sprinting regime this week(Tried in the past but my legs just couldn't support that kind of speeds, and I can't sprint slowly without mid/heel striking. I've been walking around completely barefoot for 2 months now(Shows only for stores and such, at that, VFF's). I think that's everything. Sorry if I rambled