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Thread: Down 50 lbs-Not noticing physical difference?

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    Down 50 lbs-Not noticing physical difference?

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    Since March 1st I've gone Primal. Here I am sitting on 280(Sounds like a lot I know but give me a chance to explain my physique) I've lost 50 lbs, but it doesn't really show. I'm losing some of the stretch mark "wrinkles" in my arms, my calves are looking solid, my thighs are getting there, very little fat left. My gut is what's holding about 40 lbs (If that) of fat left to melt off. As for my weight-no I'm not worried. I'm 6'1 with a very, VERY bulky build skeleton wise I'm easily in the realm of "Big Boned". My question is, is it normal to not notice a huge difference in my overall girth despite being down that much? I've noticed I'm at least twice as strong as I was when i started and I have seen some minor differences in my physique but even my girlfriend isn't sure where the hell the 50 lbs went. Am I just being paranoid?

    To cover some bases, same scale every time, weighed once a week, steadily dropping pounds every week, starting the sprinting regime this week(Tried in the past but my legs just couldn't support that kind of speeds, and I can't sprint slowly without mid/heel striking. I've been walking around completely barefoot for 2 months now(Shows only for stores and such, at that, VFF's). I think that's everything. Sorry if I rambled

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    I am sure you will get more educated answers than the one that I am about to give you but here is my opinion. Some people just hold weight predominately in a certain area and that is the last weight to come off when you begin to lose.

    For me personally, its the love handles. When I gain weight, its the first place it shows up. When I lose weight, its the last place for it to disappear from. It drives me crazy. I can get a gut when I am significantly overweight, but its only after the weight on my flanks has shown up in force.

    Keep doing what you are doing and you will eventually start to lose your stubborn area fat as well.

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    when i first started losing weight, i was up over 300, and it took at least 50 pounds for me to start noticing. a lot of the fat that we lose first is the bad, visceral fat around the organs, then the subcutaneous fat around the rest of our bodies. and, it's true what zpotter says, people hold fat in specific areas. additionally, it's not uncommon to lose a lot in water weight at the get go. if you're not concerned about the number on the scale, start measuring different numbers: body fat percentage, arm-leg-waist measurements, etc.

    sprinting will help a lot in slimming you down, so will heavy lifting and plenty of moving slowly.

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    You said you are holding quite a bit of weight in your belly. Is it possible you could have some bloating issues? My partner has a similar situation: thin, good weight and muscular...but his belly is the last hold out. He has, and has had for years, significant bloating. It's not uncomfortable to him, which I think is because he's gotten used to it. We're now doing an elimination diet to see if we can isolate what is causing it. Just a thought.

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    I have lost almost 100 lbs, I am a big dude too. My ending goal weight will be somewhere around 250. Someone here once said, "you lose weight to look good in clothes, you workout to look good nekid".... Are you working out? I think I am looking dashing in my 40 inch waist jeans as opposed to the 48's I was wearing a year ago, but when I look at myself in the mirror, naked, I say to myself, damn I sure have a way to go still... Remember, you are not just fat on the outside, but all through your body. A lot of that 50 lbs was fat around your heart, and that is the best fat to lose... hang in their and keep up the fantastic work.
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    I'm down 90 lbs (with 50 to go), and I have been losing from the top down, and the bottom up. The last hold out is my belly, where I kept most of my weight. Don't stress it too much, your body will even itself out. Just keep doing what you are doing, and before you know it, your belly will go!

    By the way, excellent work!

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    Don't forget that you are losing visceral fat as well and that does not show.
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    [QUOTE=zpotter;906585]I am sure you will get more educated answers than the one that I am about to give you but here is my opinion. Some people just hold weight predominately in a certain area and that is the last weight to come off when you begin to lose.

    ^^This. I've lost 10% body fat since December, and my upper body looks very lean. However, my hips and thighs - not that much of a difference. I've talked to my trainer about this and he said that it will probably be the last area to see improvement, and will only come with overall lower body fat plus some focused attention on squats, etc, to continue to build muscle in that area.

    Are you lifting weights at all?

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    Do you have pictures from before? Take some 'during' photos. I hardly see a difference when I look in the mirror, either. However, I can see a difference in pictures when they're right next to each other.

    I mean, it's easy to look in a mirror and see a difference if you were fat and now you're skinny. But when you're fat vs slightly less fat, it is more difficult to just eyeball it. People lose from everywhere at once, so it's not always easy to spot the difference, especially if you're looking at an area that's still big. Your brain will just say "no progress" even if there has been plenty of progress.

    I mean, imagine that you've looked at a river every day for the last several months. The water level is dropping at an imperceptible rate. Would you notice now if the water level is 6 inches lower than it was then? Probably not. But if you compared two pictures you might.

    Also keep in mind that, at your weight, 50lbs is a smaller percentage than it would be for someone smaller than you. So you may be expecting more dramatic results than are realistic. I've just about lost 50lbs too and I'm much smaller than you. And I can barely see the difference in the mirror either, though my clothes are several sizes smaller. So keep that in mind.

    Also, are you keeping measurements? That might be helpful.

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    I started at 340# (I'm 6') and lost ~30 in the last two months and I'm the only person that can tell. Even then, it's only been in the last week that I'm noticing the slightest difference in my face. Nothing yet with my gut. Personally until I'm well past the 50lb do I expect to see major differences.

    Also based on your post (not your topic title) it looks like you are noticing differences w/ stretch marks, legs, etc. Don't worry too much about it. You have a ways to go. The fact that you are feeling significantly better and stronger is a huge indicator that you're on the right track. All that visceral fat isn't suffocating your organs anymore. I'm still 310 and feeling the best I have in years. Can't wait to get down to 220.
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