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    too many eggs?

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    is there such a thing?
    we have our own chickens, which are free range and eat bugs from the yard that has never been sprayed with anything.
    i eat about 4 per day, every day. i never eat less than 2 per day.
    so does anyone see any issues with this? and no, i have no concerns for my fat intake, calorie intake, or if eggs make me gassy. eggs are so amazing and i'm not sure i can ever quit the stuff.
    eggs forever!

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    I sometimes find myself wishing we had chickens, just so we could spend less on eggs. With 5 in our family (all boys but me), we go through a serious amount of eggs...

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    Don't even think it. There is no such thing.

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    My craving for eggs comes in waves, I can go through a dozen and a half each week some weeks and then not eat it for another week etc. But no, I don't reckon there is such a thing

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    i only have a few hard boiled as a snack these days, but i used to consider 6 in one meal pretty standard. there is such a thing as too many, but that has more to do with calorie consumption and lack of variety more than anything else. eat up.

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    There's always the possibility of eating too much of anything. Like, a hundred eggs at one sitting might not be a good idea.

    Four eggs a day? The only issue I'd see is maybe getting sick of eating eggs every day. Nothing wrong with 4 eggs a day though.

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    I eat 3-6 on any given day. I say, have at it! It's a cheap source of protein -- I'm just jealous you have your own chickens!

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    I eat 2-6 eggs a day and wish I had my own chickens so I wouldn't be paying 2.39 GBP per half dozen, dead jealous go for it, eggs are full of nutrients

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