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    I've been thinking of grinding up some organ with the ground meat for burgers. Has anyone had experience with this? Perhaps some recipes?

    Also, I always put onions in my burgers. Too yummy to leave out Finnegan!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Finnegans Wake View Post
    Oh, and sometimes I'll put some minced onion in. Sometimes not.

    Just got a new grill, have 2# of GB defrosted, so my big decision will be... onions or no onions in the mix. It's going to require a great deal of thought.
    onions. they make a burger so much better. a little garlic is good too.

    ...don't want to hijack. time for a thread on burger recipes.

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    I'd do it with ground beef.
    But is it 93% lean or is 93% of the burger meat? If so, and 4% is onion, then the other ingredients are less than 1% so i guess it doesn't matter but I'd go with ground
    well then

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    Yep, just grass fed ground beef and pepper here. I like the 95/5 stuff, but I'm in the minority. Most folks like an 85/15 or 80/20 ratio for burgers.

    Then you can top it with tomatoes, onion, avocado, mushrooms - yum. Now that's primal and freakin' yummy.

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    I agree that the onions add a nice flavor, but sometimes I just like my burger to be more purist, just have the beef flavor unadorned. So onion v. no onion is more about the mood of the moment.

    I'll also vote for a fattier burger, better flavor and juicier. Looking into getting a grinder and making my own - probably from chuck, but possibly throwing in some brisket and/or rib for extra fatty goodness!

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    I can appreciate the purist approach! I am happy to go either extreme, it is also fun to experiment with combinations of spices.

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    I like trying different spices but it usually ends up disgusting. I need to read up on proper combinations rather than just throwing stuff in on a whim lol.

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    IIRC the beef in UK ingredients also includeds the fat that comes with the meat, and it's probably mainly grass fed as it's likely UK beef (ie england, Scotland, Whales or Ireland) as it's far cheaper here to grow grass for cows to eat or make in to silage for cows to eat than it is to grow corn. So it's probably a 25% fat mince (we no longer get all the yummy spines and brains anymore thanks to mad cow disease). The oil is probably in there as it get's bloody everywhere, same as the preservatives. I think overall the burgers are not a terrible choice if you really don't have the time to make your own.

    But honestly, sainsbusy's do fresh basics mince, massive pack for a couple of quid, way cheaper than buying ready made and far tastier too, the cheapest stuff is the highest fat, so makes a great burger, but even the SO organic range is probably cheaper weight for weight than ready made.
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    I put coconut oil and bacon grease in my burgers.
    I wish I liked to eat liver.

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