So I've been changing my eating habits over to a primal method, which didn't really mean much more that cutting out starchy vegetables like potatoes so far.

One thing, I've been eating a lot more fruit. We have a nearby Whole Foods, which has mixed cut up fruit cup, without the syrup, that I've been buying. Its usually some grapes and strawberries, on top of melon and calliope slices, and pineapple. I'm in the Midwest of the US, and in this heat, I've noticed I've been eating a lot of this. Probably 4-5 pounds worth a week.

I'm also eating alot of meat (broiled chicken, salmon and beef or bison) on a big leafy vegetable platter, and tons of fresh tomatoes too. (Yo garden!!) Eggs in the morning, nuts for snacks. I've already seen a difference in the way I feel but the weights coming off slowly.

I know the sugar in fresh fruit is different from white sugar, but fruit is also full of dietary fiber so I'm thinking its ok sugar.

I'm wondering, I'm trying to lose 10-15 pounds while building back strength and muscles, is this too much fruit?