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Thread: Where to find coconut oil

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    I can't seem to find coconut oil. I've been to Trader Joe's which I was so sure would have it but didn't and Save Mart. I checked in both the regular oil section and the ethnic sections.

    Where can you find this?

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    I went to Trader Joe's today to pick up some coconut oil and almond flour and they didn't have either one. Actually it was my first time in TJ's and I wasn't impressed. Although, I did pick up a bag of apricot kernals. I think that they taste great and it was worth the trip.

    I would also like some good links for the coconut oil and almond flour if anyone has one.

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    I think TJ's reputation is bigger than its actual quality. Whole Foods or Wild Oats are, for my experience, much better.

    However, I picked up my coconut oil at my local Kroger's outlet- it was tucked away in the "you crazy health nuts and your organic everything" section along with Red Mill products.

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    Whole Foods has it in multiple varieties. I too am not much of a fan of Trader Joe's. Their stuff just seems overpriced to me.

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    you can get it at wal-mart for about $10

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    TJ's overpriced and unimpressive? Unless they have changed a lot since I was last there in 04?, one of the least expensive outlets ever. I loaded up the old Jeep with $200 worth of stuff. I remember British Stilton cheese for about $7/lb when it was double that in CO.

    No, they won't have everything a "health nut" would want, but then, that's not their market. I sure wish there was one around here.

    Whole Foods's best value is their 365 brand, Virgin for $7 (here) for 14oz. There are some brands that are triple that! Coconut oil is cheap stuff on international trade and without much mystery or quality variation, but the health food industry makes like there is. I used soap making (filter, refined) coconut oil just fine, super cheap even after shipping. The oil industry is ancient and there is little difference between the grades.

    Virgin is supposed to be squeezed from fresh coconut, "non virgin" (deflowered? oils can be that or from copra, the sun dried "meat." Virgin (there is no such grade as Extra Virgin, that's how BS laden this business is)oil has some particulate matter that settles out; shake before using. All other oils of any grade are filtered, yes, even olive oil. I have no idea what coconut oil "refining" is, for that matter if it even exists. As long as they don't use solvent extraction, I'm fine.

    The "non-virgin" is allegedly more heat proof than virgin, but even the latter is much, much better than any other common oil. Well, other than the animal fats.

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    Agree on TJs. Most of their stuff is pretty affordable! Also, DEF agree on the "extra virgin" BS. Seriously?

    Anyway, I get my coco oil at the health food store and asian markets. If you have an asian market anywhere near you, check it out. If they carry ANY indian or thai products I could *almost* guarantee you would find some coco oil too.

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    I love coconut oil and eat a lot of it. My take is don't waste your money on most of them. There is a huge difference in taste and quality between the best Virgin oil from fresh coconut and the cheap stuff. I wouldn't touch any refined coconut oil, it tastes terrible. I'd put it in the not fit for human consumption catagory. Spend the money on Tropical Traditions coconut oil, it's expensive but well worth it. Go to their website and read about the differences between oils. Check out their Gold Label oil, it's fantastic and made differently than all other coconut oils.

    The best olive oils are unfiltered IMO. Here's a great one. I love this stuff. I don't currently use a lot of olive oil because I like good coconut oil better for most of the things I use oil for.

    bruce b.

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    +1 to Mr.B, CC oil is now at Wal-Mart. Not the highest quality, but it's there, and inexpensive.

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    Trader Joe's is great for things that Trader Joe's has. In many cases they will have what you want, but they are not Whole Foods or a supermarket. The things they do have end up being a fantastic deal most of the time. Their frozen strawberries are awesome for cooking with, and like $1.69 for a bag, for instance. Many good coffees, pretty good produce section. $7.99/lb wild caught Coho salmon (excellent on both DHA and lack of mercury). They have baking chocolate. They do have almond flour/meal, it's just with the almonds, not the flour. And of course any TJ's is going to turn over stock crazily fast and not necessarily have everything at any given time. They never have coconut oil, so don't even bother. Buy the Nutiva stuff from amazon or get the Tropical Traditions, or get it at Whole Foods if you can find a suitable brand.

    I think you'll find it sometimes takes a couple trips through TJ's to even realize what all is there. Garlic paste, a reasonable $6 portion of saffron, and many other things.

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