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Thread: Nutritional "Naughtiness"

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    Nutritional "Naughtiness"

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    Said by Kaayla T. Daniel to Sean Croxton (apparently):

    I'd take that laptop off your lap or you'll fry your powerpoint.
    The Underground Wellness podcast is one of my favorites, but that's probably one of the few times it's made me laugh.

    Having cornered the market in knowledge about soy, Kaayla Daniel now seems to be starting a new line in double entendre. She's got a new website called The Naughty Nutritionist:

    The Naughty Nutritionist

    And if I heard right she's writing a new book called 69 Foods to Improve Your Libido.

    I just found this article by her online:

    Real lust requires real food ...
    Getting Frisky with Food | Psychology Today

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