I have seen where people are following Mark's carb curve while going Primal, but i cant see where their carbs are coming from if they are truly primal, and are not consuming lots of fruit. Maybe i am not counting my carbs correctly? Here is a typical primal day for me: breakfast:three scramby eggs, grass fed beef or bacon, a little cheese. Lunch: salad with meat, evoo a squeeze of lime, maybe a little tomato, cucumber. Snack: macadamia nuts. Dinner: grilled meat with grass fed butter and veggies. Late snack: greek yogurt with raspberries. I dont see where i might have consumed more than negligible carbs except with the raspberries( 30g?). So, i really dont see where i could be over 50 g of carb per day? I would think that you would have to have three servings of fruit or sweet potatoes to get over 100 g of carbs. Am i missing something? Is there a carb source i am not considering?