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Thread: PUFA so bad?

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    Same website, study is from my Alma Mater, Appalachian State U, in Boone NC, Woot!!

    I do like chia seeds, & as they are "oil seeds" that need not be soaked or sprouted to access their nutrition... This is according to my lengthly phone conversation w/ one of the world's leading research scientist of the chia seed, Dr. Wayne Coates.
    He's published many studies.

    Btw, Choco, regular consumption of chia seeds DOES DECREASE INFLAMMATION in real live humans, with ample research & personal testimonials that back that statement up... Chia Seeds May Exert Cardioprotective Effects | Anti-Aging News
    "Science is not belief but the will to find out." ~ Anonymous
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    This paper reviews the research (including plenty of controlled studies) nicely

    Omega-6 Fatty Acids and Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

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    Saturated fat good then bad, omega 6 good then bad...etc.

    Carbs no carbs. perhaps simple a closest to natural diet,skip man made stuff and moderation all????

    one can argue all day on lectin,saponins,sugars,fats<toxins in fat i.e lean meat argument...point being that are we all snakes swallowing our tails?? what if the negative things have benefit to our bodies, some of the most powerful medicine are made from poisons.

    To add balance to the PUFA hating we are enjoying here is a interesting link. ... 2.abstract

    CVD, Saturated Fat, and Atherosclerosis: What is the Paleo Argument? - ... z1vLbVM7dd

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