Hey guys this is my first post here but I've been on the Paleo diet since my teens and before this site. Maybe before Marc, no idea. I'm 25 years old.

Anyway I suffered from a bout of acute pancreatitis recently and I got some bloodwork done when I got to my home country and my doctor found that I have very high LDL cholesterol.

I look fairly fit, with a six pack and a low bodyfat percentage at a high weight, I've been fighting professional Muay Thai and college Judo, although I understand fitness and health are not the same thing.

However it really irks me that I have tried to do everything right since my teens, and now I have to go on statins or suffer a heart attack by my 30's. Just so you know, I just came back from seeing my doctor so I feel some injustice about that.

My doctor also said it is imperative I start the statins immediately or I'm at risk for another bout of pancreatitis, which is life threatening. He said I won't have a cardiac event right away but I should begin statins for the pancreatitis. I certainly don't want acute pancreatitis again since it was some of the worst pain I've gone through, however I'm not convinced that hypercholesterolemia is linked to it. My doctor says that was the definite cause of my pancreatitis though. (FYI, I had the attack in Korea while traveling and only got partial tests done, a couple months later, now, in Canada, I got my cholesterol done).

My doctor believes I probably have familial hypercholesterolemia. I am not getting genetic testing for FH; I am in Canada and there is the issue of using the government's resources so my doctor did not refer me.

Anyone else out there who had cholesterol levels similar to mine, or who has FH? Anyone have any advice on statin drugs and which ones have the least side effects?

PS: I am getting the LDL subfractions tested soon.