I managed to get a hold of a blood-ketone meter to supplement my blood-glucose meter. I'm a Type I diabetic with 27 years in, so it wasn't that difficult. Since ketosis is the sine qua non of being a fat-burner and because I have restricted my carbs to 50 - 70g per day, I expected to be generating some noticeable ketones.

Unfortunately, this was very, very much not so (.3 on the meter), even after six hours without eating and a pretty active day at work. My BSL was 77 tonight (93 at lunch) - really good for me this time of day. I've only ingested 26g carbs today so far.

My body cannot possibly be sugar-burning. Where the living F is getting the sugar from? My body is not fat-burning either according to the test. I am reasonably physically active all day from 9 to 6 without only short breaks in front of a computer. My muscles freaking hurt at the end of the freaking day. What is my body using for FUEL???

Help... *cries*