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    ^ I agree too. I buy one that's over 70% extract and with just water. In Western Canada, at Superstore, it's the "Real Thai" brand with a black label. It was the only one I could find that listed only two ingredients.

    I prefer it in a shake but, I've drank it as is and it's not bad.

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    Aroy-D in the little BPA-free boxes tastes great if you heat it up. Cold, it gags me. Hot, it becomes a great drink. Also great in coffee.
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    How did you have so much trouble with the fresh coconut?
    I had trouble at three steps:
    1) breaking it open (I used hammer. At various timepoints, also tried a screwdriver, dropping it from a height, throwing it against a wall, using the force, etc. This had a particularly hard shell)
    2) removing the flesh from each piece of shell (I used a knife to pry it apart) and
    3) Grate each piece. I didn't have a blender at the time.

    Apparently, there's a better way, LOL?! I just found a youtube video that made it look easy. He used a cleaver to crack the coconut open, a special "demeater" to, well, demeat, and a vitamix to grind the coconut.
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