So I've been fasting for 4 days and my blood sugar meter read as 53 or low...saying low blood sugar...than I did the test again and it said 91....that was I did it...redid the test and it said it was a little above 50 again..

So two tests in a row with a little over 50...maybe I am really low blood sugar. I feel eyes have been blurring a bit from time to time...was thinking maybe computer eye strain, but than after my low blood sugar tests actually came up twice instead of going up to 91 on a retest I thought that maybe its because my blood sugar is low.

People sometimes fast for extended periods just fine...what is it that causes blood sugar to drop lower than necessary. Is it just slow conversion of my fat? Its not a major deal I don't think as I'm not planning on an extended fast anyway, but I was curious about this since I've never fasted for more than 4 days.

Did another test its now showing 55 from it seems like its going up...maybe its just slow because my body isn't as efficient as it should be. I also noticed today that after several days losing 2 pounds or more that I only lost .5 pounds...maybe related?

Also what are the possible reasons for a test showing 53 and than testing again and getting a 91. With 3 tests in a row showing low blood sugar...I'm thinking the 53 yesterday was accurate...but if it was why did it immediately show 91 on a retest.

Can't wait till they have non stick meters with more accuracy...would be really cool...probably 15 years out though. I haven't heard anything in a long time...I guess their are lots of issues to work out involving meters that work without sticking your fingers. I want a tricorder already :P

When blood sugar levels fall below 55 mg /dl, the brain does not function normally. Patients can appear confused and their reflexes are slowed. The condition is considered “severe hypoglycemia” when the patient is unable to help correct the low blood sugar themselves and needs assistance from another.

Just read this on something talking about low blood 53 the level I was at for a bit causes slowed reflexes and confusion....don't feel like that is happening. I'll make sure to check it in 15 minutes and make sure it doesn't go below 50. Below 40 from what I've read so far is troubling. Anyone know of any potential issues related to 53-55?(long term damage issues as opposed to short term that will go away after I start eating again) I should be fine as long as I stay above 50 I think...

4th test was a 56...may not indicate anything..or maybe its going up...which it should unless my body prefers being in the low 50s. Considering the eye blurring I don't think that's the case.