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Thread: Fasting

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    I have been practicing CT for a couple of months now. Cold Showers 10 minutes every day, 45 minutes Ice baths on Saturdays, and Ice packs two or three times a week at night. Zero changes in my blood sugars because of it.... As a matter of fact, my blood sugars have gone up. I believe it is because of the fasting, that my morning sugars are now higher. Because I am not "feeding" myself throughout the day, my body is dropping more sugar in to keep things running. I am however dropping weight much faster....

    I was hoping that Primal would "cure" me of my diabetes, it has not, I suspect my body got too messed up from diabetes to ever be cured. I took myself of insulin last September, my Dr. very un happy with me and said all my weight loss had nothing to do with being Primal but having higher blood sugars and that I was just killing myself faster..... "Fuck you Dr. Brown" has been my battle cry ever since. I believe that eventually I am going to have to go back on insulin, but not right now. I want to get to my goals of <15% BF and then I will consider it, but then I will have the tools in my arsenal to keep from getting in that diabetic insulin spiral of death.....
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    There are so many different factors. CT isn't a cure all sadly. Have their been any positives from it that you can tell? I've been wanting to do some heavy CT...but its expensive to do ice baths...I plan on doing a ton when my pool temp gets low enough.

    Have you checked out this list of doctors? Paleo Physicians Network They probably have more around...but they aren't all conveniently listed. This list has doctors who try to get at the root of your problems rather than just say your cholesterol is high and put you on a statin or whatever.

    I can't vouch for any of the doctors on the list as I haven't been to any except one but hopefully they are better than standard. I'm seeing Avery Carpenter in Dallas, TX shes a functional medicine chiropractor with a degree in pastoral medicine...which I'm not sure what exactly that is but I think it involves being able to give nutrition advice and things..she seems pretty good. She said she does a modified Jack Kruse Leptin Reset and believes in Paleo eating. The visit that I had went well. Only problem is shes in Dallas and I'm in Lewisville not all that far but I don't have my own car so I have to rely on my brother or mom who doesn't like to travel on the Interstate Highway system.
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