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Thread: Before and after pics page 73

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    holy dude, you look good stevo I will be awaiting to get to your leaness haha

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    Stevo - Great Job!
    Rangers Lead the Way, Hooah!

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    Y'all are so inspiring ... thanks for keeping me motivated with your awesome progress!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MalPaz View Post
    mmkay so a few weeks back i posted my weight gain progress pics... here is

    the first one is a few weeks ago

    the second two are today!

    am i lookin stronger? i can do FOUR CHIN UPS now
    lol I always thought you were a guy because of your name, boy was I wrong you look great!

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    You are looking like a Greek goddess! Go, Bootson, go!

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    My 3 month progress photos.

    It's still very much a work in progress. I started June 7th. The last picture was taken today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NutMeg View Post
    These are my 'before and during' pics. The last was taken in January. Unfortunately, I look abut the same right now as I did then. But, I am getting my tushie in gear and really working on getting rid of the last bit of body fat.

    This is from February 2010
    awesome;-) your pants are baggy too!
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    You have such great legs! And wow, there's such a big difference!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cemdev View Post
    My 3 month progress photos.

    It's still very much a work in progress. I started June 7th. The last picture was taken today.
    Great work!! There is a big difference in your photos!

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    I'm a bad, lazy grok. My exercise is incidental, I still drink too much beer. But I've been off grain & sugar since May, and I'm 42, and it's all been pretty painless, and plus this happened!

    First ones are end of May, second set end of August. Thing is, the pics aren't really before and after, but more like "after" and then "no... wait! now!!". I was another 10lbs heavier, but fell halfway into primal without knowing it, and took the first pics because I thought I looked (relatively) good.

    On the one hand, I feel awkward posting alongside the many astonishing transformations on these pages, and I'm acutely aware of the comparative modesty of my own progress. On the other hand, I started doing some of this accidentally, and by the time I got here everything I read about dropping grains & sugars made perfect sense, and seemed doable, even though I'd previously found it utterly impossible. But I was lucky, and I think a lot of already discouraged people might see these (your!) pictures, but then read "crossfit" and "p90x" and sprinting and IFing, all on top of no more "comfort" foods, and just give up in advance. I mean, if they could do all that, they wouldn't be where they are now!

    I don't advocate doing things like I did (pretty half-assed) - I'm certain it's sub-optimal! But the point is this: if you can't do it perfectly, maybe (just possibly!), you can still do it passably, and that might be a start.

    Sorry for the silly lemonface, but it's the internet.

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