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    Congrats blaklabl! Phenomenal results and kudos to you for recognizing you needed to change. The world is better for it. So inspired. Wow.

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    Just an update on my health. I had to get a full physical done for an upcoming Muay Thai fight, just got my results back and I was pretty stunned. Total cholesterol is 132. HDL is 68. LDL is 58. Chol/HDL ratio 1.9 my LDL/HDL ratio is .85 and my vLDL is 6. I wish my sleep pattern was better I have a high stress job where I work from 7pm -4am usually get about 4-5 hours tops of sleep. Then I train. My training would def be considered over doing it by primal standards but I love it and do compete. I run anywhere from 3-7 miles then do pad work /bag work sparring and clinching and calestenics 4-6 days a week. Due to my increased workload I eat a moderately high amount of white rice and taro/yautia.... Tons of fruit and veggies and chicken/turkey/eggs/pork/red meat. Also I snack on a lot of almond butter and sun butter! Addicted!!! Got some great feedback from my last photos. Feels great to know I am inspiring people. Here's a photo of my progress from 2012/2013/2014 image.jpg Zack I got your email. Stick with it stay the course you can do it!

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    Awesome job Pilot! You look so healthy!

    Great turn-around, Blaklab! I think I've read somewhere about a strong link between sugar addiction and alcohol, it's one in the same. So, staying off sugar should help you stay off alcohol and vice-versa. You should be smiling in your after picture. You are giving yourself a second chance at this life thing
    I'm a 5'-6" tall female.

    SW: 212.4 lbs. February 14, 2013 (My second baby was born)
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    GW: 143 lbs.

    Just keep going.

    New goal:

    Get back to 80-90% Primal and back down to my lowest recent weight of 158 lbs. while doing as much moving and strength training as I can get in.

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    Amazing Shonuff!

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    Wow Shonuff, you look like a totally different person. WTG!!!!

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    Nice basilic vein, Shonuff!

    Knifegill is christened to be high carb now!
    the buttstuff...never interested.
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    Six month progress

    Approximately 6 months Primal with about 25 lbs. lost. That's about a pound a week with minimal work, which is great because it's still within the 1-2 pound/week range Mark mentions in his books and I have always considered myself a "special case" when it comes to fitness, since losing midsection fat has always been so hard for me. I still have 10-15 lbs to go but for the first time in a while I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    The great thing is that this has been the easiest "diet" I've ever done. Six months into any program is a record for me, and I see myself doing this forever easily. As I mentioned, I've always had a problem with losing stomach fat. Last major commitment was P90X a couple years ago, and after 3 months not only was I fed up with it but my muscle and weight-loss gains from the first month were receding! If you see their diet you'll know why.

    There's nothing like Primal. My breakfasts are ridiculous (by CW standards): 3-4 whole eggs, sausages, bacon, real butter, real cheese, and real milk in my coffee. If I stay hungry I eat more. I've never counted a single calorie. I never go hungry. My cholesterol and blood pressure are perfect - I have no idea what they are; I just know my doctor was impressed. I don't kill myself working out: sporadic body weight exercises, walking 2-3 times a week, and for sprinting I do BMX about twice a week (which is also my play, and has been a huge life changer for me, but that is for another long thread). My exercises are barely the minimum Mark recommends (maybe less).

    So my meals are completely satiating and my workouts easy and enjoyable, yet I'm making more progress than ever before in my life, including my chronic cardio, P90X, and possibly even high school weightlifting days. I'm now realizing that I don't have a "special" body, just one that was slightly more sensitive to junk foods than most, and that the problem was in all the foods I ate.

    First picture is about a year before I started (I know, it's bad, but who takes good pics when feeling like crap?). I was probably a little heavier when I started:

    i-XP2X82W-M.jpg i-HWz2mtD-M.jpg

    Can't wait to report again when I reach my goal!

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    Frakin Awesome Dude! You Look GREAT! Excellent Job!

    Javi - Can't wait to see the pics!

    I really enjoy coming to this particular thread and seeing the progress made by others. Really is motivating!

    ETA: Awesome job Javi!!!
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    I have to agree. I tend to come here when I need some more motivation.
    Snonuff....awesome transformation man!

    "Live Primally, Train Practically, Prepare Tactically..."

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    Fantastic, Javi!! Your whole midsection looks SO much more comfortable to live in! Thanks for the inspiring pics!
    5'4" 36yo mother to five sweeties & married to their AMAZING DaddyGrok
    Starting: 185 lbs (March '10)
    Current: 132.5 lbs
    Goal: 135 lbs (Hit Jan '13)
    Beating bingeing since 10/31/11 on my Leptin Reset journey

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