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    Quote Originally Posted by Kakes View Post
    It's been a while! Time to check in!
    Everyone is looking gorgeous. You guys and gals are so inspirational.
    I haven't checked in photographically here since last fall. For those out there questioning if this is sustainable, I feel comfortable saying yes! My family has been primal for 18 months now.
    I hit my lowest weight last fall at about 9 months primal and have kept active and healthy. Winter cushed things up just a little, but it shed off in the spring. I have been packing on the muscle though. I left my 9 month low weight photo in there for those of you still worrying over the scale. Weight is merely your gravitational relationship with the earth. I've not changed clothing sizes, nor do I look much different (except for the tan- working on that), but I've gained 8 lbs. I'm also stronger than ever!

    Hot damn!! I wanna be you.
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    This is my first before and in progress photo. 198 to 172 lbs. Goal weight is 157 for now or whatever weight at 12%or less bodyfat.


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    Been catching up on this thread - you are all looking killer!

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    Looking great, Kakes! "Weight is merely your gravitational relationship with the earth."-love it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LauraSB View Post
    I got serious about losing weight April 2012. I followed a link looking for meals without bread or pasta and ended up at MDA summer of 2012. I'm not obsessive about what I eat, but my diet has gotten more and more primal as old favorites just lose their appeal.

    This is me at my high of 205 lbs in Sept 2011.

    This is me this morning at 125 lbs. My 14yo DD told me I was not dressed appropriately for a 50yo mother about to go run errands. I had to send it to my younger sister because I knew she'd get a kick out of it and I thought, "Hey, it's an after pic!" Thank G*d for good food!
    *faint* You are amazing and an inspiration! I'm 44, btw and still working at it. Not ready to post pics yet.

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    Wow, Laura SB! That is awesome!!

    That's an inspiration right there!
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    I don't have a "before" image that I can find...I kind of escaped being photographed, as many here can relate to. I may have a group one on the company server, so I'll look tomorrow.

    Here's my journal, if you care to wander...

    So here's an "after" pic. I apologize for the BVDs. It's hard to keep pants up these days. When I started this I was what y'all would call "skinny fat", and wore a 34 waist. These are 30s that are falling off today. Dammit it's expensive keeping up with just casual clothes!

    Primal Blueprint is good for this 52-year-old body!


    P.S. That's Rocky the Jack Russell taking his ease in the background. Not impressed, I think.

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    Killer past, kates, do you have a thread? Top 3 tips? I'm 36 and ready for massive change

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    BZM, Rocky looks alot like my rat terrier, Pip. She also loves to sleep on our bed, even in warm weather she'll crawl under the covers with only her nose sticking out.

    Oh, and great job! Isn't it wonderful to see such positive changes at our age, I'll be 53 this month and I've never felt better!
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    Kakes, you look amazing. I love pics of people who have gained weight. At 125, I am not especially light for a woman my height, but when I look in the mirror, I think more lean mass would be just as helpful as less fat.

    Croll and OutdoorAmy, thanks for the kind words. I feel amazing, 20 years younger.

    BZM, that doesn't look like the body of a middle aged man! I get that whole "pants on the ground" thing. DH went from 38" to 32" so fast, he could hardly buy pants. Now he's afraid he'll slip on down to a 30" and have a terrible time finding pants. The selection at 32" is already noticably worse.
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