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    good job Cantare!!
    Would I be putting a grain-feed cow on a fad diet if I took it out of the feedlot and put it on pasture eating the grass nature intended?

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    HOLY SHIT CANTARE! Thats wild dude, keep it up.

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    Cantare, that wolf whistle you hear coming from a southerly direction is me. Well done, bro.

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    Thanks, everyone, I really appreciate the compliments! Yes, Ayla, it's from following the PB, more or less...a moderate LC version (50-100 g carb most days) coupled with IF (one big meal in the evening--a pattern I fell into naturally) and a LOT of walking/hiking. Just recently I'm trying some tweaks (otzi's potato fast, some 'healthy carb' refeeds, alternating with VLC 'moar meat/fat' approach) in response to stalls (one at ~235lb and the current one at 216). I'm still way behind the curve on LHT and sprinting tho...grr.

    ETA, canio wow, just googled Woz. I'd only seen him in the old 70s photos, boy did he bulk up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cantare View Post
    ETA, canio wow, just googled Woz. I'd only seen him in the old 70s photos, boy did he bulk up!
    I'm renaming him the 'Anti-Cantare' from now on. He should drop you a line for some tips for reverting back to 70s form.

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    Inspiring change cantare, looking pretty awesome!

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    Cantare, AWESOME! You went from Peter Jackson to way better than post-weight-loss Peter Jackson, b/c he looks deflated & sickly (I think he went the vegetarian route, I seem to remember something about switching from hamburgers to "yogurt & muesli"), and you look like you were always meant to be just where you are.

    Your nose looks so much easier to breathe through, too!
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    Great job Cantare. You look fabulous!

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    wow, everyone looks so good. Really inspiring and motivating to me since I am just starting out!
    Thank you all for sharing your pictures!

    Just over 2 weeks in for me and I am down 3.8kg. I have a long way to go though, probably another 37kg or so.
    It seems possible now though!

    Maybe I will be brave enough to post mine when I can see some definite progress with myself

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    Fantastic progress Cantare; Respect!

    There is so much life in your eyes now

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