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    Johnny, you look 10 years younger especially in the face... a lot healthier appearance

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    Quote Originally Posted by docpearce View Post
    Johnny, you look 10 years younger especially in the face... a lot healthier appearance
    A much happier 10 years younger-looking Johnny. Confidence & manly power are the major differences I see in the before & after shots. Keep up the great work!
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    Good job johnny! You look fantabulous!
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    Johnny, whoa- that's amazing! You look incredible!

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    Johnny, there is just no better B/A here for the face - you look like a totally different person, from someone who is totally non-descript & actually looks rather ill, to WHOA! !!!
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    Hey John,
    you gotta be doin somethin else besides 25 times at a gym,
    big change,

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    Hey docpearce, Betorq, Earthy Mama, Aix_sponsa, Mama Grok and neik11

    Thanks for so much for all of your kind words of encouragement. It feels really good to get some positive feedback Ė I live alone so donít get feedback anywhere else. . I am definitely happier and more confident now

    The Ď beforeí pictures were taken on my return to Norway in January 2012 having spent two weeks over Christmas and New Year in England. The weather had been awful the entire time I was there. I spent two weeks eating all the wrong stuff (lots of grains/carbs and chocolate) it was as if I was trying to kick-start myself into action. I think I was also coming off some sleeping meds at that time Ė so I think I managed to look worse in that period than I had for a long time . I am still taken aback when I see those pictures from early January (I was tempted to post nicer before pics from around March!)

    I promised myself in January, that during 2012 I would to try to get myself as close as I could, to being the person that I can be. For the first three months I photographed my progress every week. Over recent months Iíve tried to get to the gym at least once a week; I concentrate on lifting and always record my progress (I get really frustrated if Iím not progressing) . I find that if I try to go to the gym too often , I just get very frustrated as my muscles will not have recovered from the previous session. I avoid cardio-vascular exercise; other than walking! For most of the year I have kept carbs below 100 grams a day (and several periods below 50 grams a day). Iíve also cheated a bit; had my teeth whitened and used the sun-bed/solarium at the gym. I moisturize regularly now too!

    I set myself a number of goals at the beginning of the year; 34 waist jeans (achieved about a month ago) 38 were tight at the start of the year. I also wanted to manage 8 pull-ups (I couldnít manage one); Iíve got to 6 which I am pleased with; but still want 8!

    Oh, I turned 52 a month ago.

    Thanks again; youíve given me the encouragement to keep going
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    AMAZING transformation Johnny! You've definitely motivated me to get back on track with my eating

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    Jus finished this whole thread...its rather addictive innit? ; p

    The transformations are simply amazing and thanks to this thread, I am gunna take some pics of me this weekend in me duds, and doing downward dog splits to measure myself as to where im at now flexibility wise, also of my baby belly, and then same again every month thereafter until me is back : )

    And johnny...that smile sums up so someone said that manly confidence....uber uber sexy. If youve a lady in your life im sure she loves seeing the man she loves looking so positive : )

    we all do lol

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    Johnny, screw 10 years younger, you look 20 years younger! Holy shit balls man... and in only a year, GREAT job.

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