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Thread: Before and after pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatkid View Post
    Where are you coming from before this...cause... DAMN!
    Dayyum girl! I want to grow up to be you someday!

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    Oslo, Norway
    Dudes and dudettes - amazing work all! Grok on!
    Sometimes you need to be told the truth in order to be able to see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheapo View Post
    Nova Scotia?

    Saskatchewan believe it or not! This was taken in June (June!!) of last year - it was FREEZING!
    ~primal mama to 3~

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    Quote Originally Posted by primal_jessjane View Post

    WABAM!!!! :-)
    hey, can i have your thighs please? thanks

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    Primal_jessjane, you are now my inspiration pic. I will get there, hopefully someday soon. Any idea what your BF% is? I'd love to know about how far I have to go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by divafern View Post
    Dayyum girl!

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    Thank you guys :-) The primal lifestyle DEFINITELY helped me get there. I've always been a small girl, no matter what the hell I ate, but I suppose I was that "skinny fat" through middle and highschool, then started working out (lots of hard cardio and mild weight lifting) and watching my diet around 15 or 16, about four or five years ago.

    I've been on a paleo diet for just about a year now. I went heavy on the HIIT workouts for awhile to lean myself out more, but it was SO physically taxing (although it was sort of like a sick pleasure ;-) Yes, I have that Crossfit mentality...) I've come to discover that intermittent fasting (generally a 16 hour fast/8 hour feed) and doing very intense, heavy lifting sessions about three times a week (calisthenics, baby!) has given me a more stronger, lean physique without burning me out like HIIT did. Becoming a personal trainer this year is giving me even more motivation to keep myself looking strong since unfortunately, looks can sell! ;-)

    Batty, SPRINTING!!!! ;-) I've never really touched a barbell.

    Jenn, I am 5'4", 106-110lbs., at around 17% BF via a caliper reading about 6 months ago. I'm glad I inspire you! It's totally achievable if you have the right mindset and dedication :-)

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    primal_jessjane, I'm inspired. 15 years ago I looked just like that and am determined to, as much as possible, be that person again.

    thanks for sharing.

    crap though. I still have such a long way to go. lol

    Now if only I could dig up some old pics...
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    I may have to start adding some reps to my workouts so I could keep up with all you guys
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    Quote Originally Posted by cillakat View Post
    primal_jessjane, I'm inspired. 15 years ago I looked just like that and am determined to, as much as possible, be that person again.

    Hey cillaka - YOU still are that person. The outside does not define you. Your spirit is you. And, the mind/spirit/body connection will guide you. Your body - whatever it is - is always battling for you. It is brilliant and amazing. Please honor that and know that you really are exactly where you need to be for whatever lessons are needed for you now. Trust that. Not trying to be woo woo here... Sheila

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