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Thread: Before and after pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by kakes View Post
    okay guys, (almost) 9 months primal! Feeling amazing, super active and happy. 4 kids worth of stretch marks have turned into tiger stripes.


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    You look so strong, amazing and happy Kakes! So very inspired by you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
    Primal holy-shit-hawtness amplified by a factor of 12 by virtue of pirate/skulls bikini.
    People too weak to follow their own dreams will always try to discourage others.

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    Nice job Bosstycoon!!

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    you guys are looking great!

    Kakes- your abs look awesome and you're an inspiration to me. I too have some mean tiger stripes, but it's nice to see how your skin has tightened as you've lost fat.

    BTW Icarian, I know you didn't post an "after", but you look like a beast in your avatar. Meow!

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    Gotta say threads like this inspires me to workout even though winter is comin..
    Everything is bad for something - How do you feel today?

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    Kakes, Fabulous Job! Love the abs and the bikini.

    Bosstycoon, Amazing, Congratulations.
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    I got serious about my health after I saw my wedding pictures. I had hit a high of 255 lbs, and didn't really like what I was seeing:
    At 255 pounds

    I started severely restricting carbs in July 2011 - on my own because I hadn't found MDA yet. I didn't take any "before" shots probably because I wasn't too happy with how I looked with my shirt off.

    This is a couple of months later and about a size smaller
    At about 235

    And this is where I am now:
    Shirt off, front
    Shirt off, side
    I'm at about 195 after 15 months or so, and I've been plateaued for a while. But my new-ish exercise program (60% boxing, 40% cross-fit) is moving the mass around a bit.

    All in all, I'm happy with my progress. The funny thing is that I'm far more aware of my current spare tire than I was of all the extra weight I used to carry around. Go figure.

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    IMG_1091.jpgApril 2012.jpg
    The after picture is first. September 8 2012. It is because of the before picture in April.( I am second from the left) April 5 2012. After I saw that, I got serious. I am still losing. Most of all I have lost my Blood pressure meds. My blood sugar is normal. I lost my allergy meds and inhalers, My inflammation in my knees and hips is gone. I can have fun again. I am 57 years old. I have 6 grand children with one on the way. I taught my grand kids to Stand up paddle board this summer.. I FEEL Good. This summer has been so amazing. I plan to lose 30 more pounds and weigh what I did in my 20's . I no longer feel that it is impossible.
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