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Thread: Before and after pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by quelsen View Post
    I have seen my bone density increase due to vitamin K2 supplementation, imagine how much anger and confusion one can feel as the weight increases but the inches dont or even reduce... but the tooth enamel regrowing as well as deep bone aches and 25 year long toenail damage ( from ripping them out by the root while playing barefooted ) spontaneously regrows correctly.
    The whole post was fascinating, but I'd love a little more info on the K2 supp based on those amazing N=1 results. What brand, how much, how often, and how long? And you don't think there were co-factors involved? Mostly the K2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KerryK View Post
    The whole post was fascinating, but I'd love a little more info on the K2 supp based on those amazing N=1 results. What brand, how much, how often, and how long? And you don't think there were co-factors involved? Mostly the K2?
    Thorne Research, dosed by body weight for two months.

    it was the only "new" thing i did.

    Co factors, hell i am cofactor soup.

    However all things being equal, it was the K2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quelsen View Post
    back in the bad old days when i didnt know shit i had a goal weight of 175 ( the same weight i was at 13 ) then i had a BODPOD reading that showed my lean mass as 240 and my fat mass at 250 and i was pissed that it mean that with 10% BF my goal weight was 264.. That was before I had a working solution....

    Goal weights are great ideas... and for the normal fatty :-) probably worth setting.


    Long winded i know but i cant expect anyone to accept that i dont have a goal weight without understanding why i dont have a goal weight.
    This makes a lot of sense to me, and it's a really logical and sensible approach to take.

    I must admit, I puzzle myself a bit when I calculate that my "lean mass" is not much less than my "goal weight" (or the weight I used to be before getting overweight). It doesn't always compute, because back when I WAS that weight I certainly had an average BF% and yet if I keep my current "lean mass" and get to my "goal weight" I'll have like 7%BF! (It would have been about 20% when I was younger at that weight).

    So yeah, I think maybe just focussing on losing a pound at a time (or a kilogram in my case, being metric and all) is not a bad way to travel.

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    I'd definitely agree with that, I've not really had a goal weight (I would like to get down to normal according to BMI - yes I know it's a bad measure for at least one day).

    Basically when I started my primal journey I knew I was fat and needed to lose weight. I never paid attention to my lean mass just focused on slowly losing weight and now for me it's about losing my little podge at the bottom of my belly, not fussed if I don't lose any more weight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quelsen View Post
    Before 506 pounds

    today 334
    Awesome! The best part about the "after" pictures is the happy looks on everyone's faces.

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    Quelson -- YOU'RE AMAZING!!!

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    quelsen, have you given thought to getting your body comp done again to see if your lean mass weight has changed with your weight loss?

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    Quelsen - Just amazing. And no goal weight is just fine. I myself started my journey at 300 pounds as a 5'5" female and I couldn't even begin to guess what I was naturally supposed to look like underneath my many layers of excess weight. You have no idea until you get closer and even then - who cares? You're not 500 pounds anymore. You can live your life how you want to and be healthy and that's the ultimate thing. Congratulations! You must feel amazing.

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    Quelson, you are my hero. Outstanding!

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    I posted these on my journal too, but here you go:

    Pre-primal, probably the heaviest I've ever been in my life, about 190 lbs.

    About 4 months into doing primal and Crossfit. About 175 lbs.

    That's me now, after a couple of years of primal. Last weigh-in, 153 lbs.
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