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Thread: Before and after pics page 413

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    mommymd you look awesome!

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    mommymd that's impressive!
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    recent pic of me and the wife at a baseball game...

    starting to wonder if i will need skin surgery in the end, but i almost think i might not.. losing 1-2lbs per week still .. so damn close to my goal in SUCH a short time .. and to be honest my starting goal was 220 LOL! then 200, then 189... i might be able to push to 185 or even lower.. im not trying to waist away, i just keep letting it go if it wants to LOL .. i even cheat once a week or so with sugar!

    LOVE PRIMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    started at 310 July 23rd 2011 ... workin and workin!

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    in case you never saw .. heres a random starting pic

    my wife moved from east LA to live with me in Milwaukee .. she was under the Cali pressure to be thin and ate chicken breast and rice every day once a day .. dieted herself unhealthy ... she moved here and because i love her and support her so much she got comfortable eating lots more LOL, and trying new things like more dairy, more grains, etc (my italian background) ..

    i never once lost any love for her, but she started to dislike herself .. she weighed in around 148 when we took this if i had to guess.. shes about 114-115 depending on the day now .. went primal 6-7 days after i started! she has yet to add ANY excercise

    started at 310 July 23rd 2011 ... workin and workin!

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    Rasputina (yay your pics showed up!)- Definitely progress! Looking great!

    Mommymd- you never cease to impress and inspire. You look fantastic! Happy primal half-birthday!!

    Todd- Still shrinking! You and the wife look awesome.
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    BTW, barefooter's post was from 2 years ago now. She hasn't visited this site since Aug 2010.

    Her story is amazing but I wish she would come visit and give us a status update
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    I just wanted to say a big thanks to all who have posted here. It's so motivational. Maybe in a couple months you'll see mine up here!
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    You and your Wife look amazing. Thanks for posting these pics are quite inspirational.

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    I took a month off from posting pictures. Mainly because I had a stall at around 231, and then again around 225 for a while. Well, this morning I got down to 221.8!! It is still hard for me to see much difference, because I see me everyday. I do think I'm gaining some lean mass, as I'm very strict with my SimpleFit workouts. I need to get more regular on the cardio and sprint stuff, but that is coming.

    Anyway, here I am when I started the primal journey, in late December, 2011:

    29.2 pounds down! I am astonished at how much flab is STILL left! I've got so much more to lose. I'm definitely seeing cuts I haven't seen in a decade, but man, I can pinch inches everywhere!

    Grok on!
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    Updates for the updated.... I hit the 4 month mark!

    20 APR, 16 Weeks, 41 lbs lost:
    5 20 APR 16 Weeks.jpg

    Quote Originally Posted by BONZ View Post
    I'm the FNG, and this would be my first post.... everybody say "hi noooob!". I spent some time looking through the thread and found a lot more motivation!

    I never cared or concerned myself with what I ate. "What the hell is a diet!" I happened to hear Mark giving an interveiw and went to check out MDA..... That was 8 weeks ago almost to the day.

    The first photo (my wife and I) was taken in 2008, but it's a fair representation of what I looked like 2 months ago. She's actually hiding my handles and lower belly fat. Walk around weight back then was probably 205 lbs to 210 lbs (my average for the last 7 or 8 years). 2 months ago, when I started PB, I was 220 lbs with more muscle in the chest than the old picture, but even more belly and handle fat.

    Attachment 5799

    The second photo I just took (inspired by some of your success stories). Obviously I'm still a work in progress but my change has been dramatic. This isn't the first time i've looked similar to what I look like now, but that was over a year when I hit the gym 6 days a week, over trained, over sprained, carb and supplement loaded and still carried around over 210 lbs. This took 8 weeks, I weight 191 lbs, and I haven't felt this good in over a decade. In case anybody didn't catch that, I lost 29 lbs in 8 weeks!

    Attachment 5800

    UPDATED: I keep finding new abs and veins I thought I'd lost long ago. I've leveled at 189 and appear to be adding lean mass as I'm still cutting body fat. This is right after I encorporated free weights.
    25 FEB, 9 Weeks:

    Attachment 6017

    12 MAR, 11.5 Weeks since I changed my life for the better:

    Attachment 6268
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