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Thread: Before and after pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by barefooter View Post
    Hi folks,

    I had a bit of a rough PB evening (just a low, to be followed by a high to be followed by a low and so on) and so I came to the forum for some inspiration. I found this thread and since I found solace in it, I decided to contribute my own before and after photos for the next person who visits needing the same.

    My before picture, from the early 2001.

    I was right at 300 pounds at my heaviest, though these photos are probably around 270s. In 2003, I lost 110 pounds (exercising and counting calories with a SAD) and then dropped another 40 in 2007 (giving up refined sugar, but not carbs in general). Two and half months ago, I started PB and experienced a redistribution of weight. I am still 150 pounds, but my clothes fit as if I were 5-10 pounds lighter.

    Official "after" picture, taken a couple years ago after eliminating refined sugars.

    A couple weekends ago in the garden.

    Trying to eat one of Mark's Nut Butter Bars last weekend while it's falling apart on me.

    Last October before a push-up challenge called "Octoberchest."
    Your transformation is truly amazing.
    Began Primal 3/26/12

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    Wow, Barefooter...your transformation is inspiring! I can just imagine how your whole life must be look so strong and healthy. Nice work!
    5'10" HW 264 (9/15/2011) PSW 238 (4/9/2012) CW 231 GW 165

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    Congratulations MFSUNSHINE! You look super awesome and more importantly happy Came on here for some insiration and I found some. Thanks for sharing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nossar View Post

    The first pic was our vacations one year and a half ago... the second one was this September.

    I used to weigh 80 kilos and lost 27....
    You look so amazing - long and lean!! Do you do lots of exercise or is this mostly from the diet?
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )

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    Hello barefooter,

    Wanted to say nice pics you look amazing! Congrats on all of your hard work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aila View Post
    MFSUNSHINE - WOW!! What a transformation over these 6 months! And your emerging smile lets us know just how great you feel about yourself, too.

    What are your goals for here on out?

    Awesome signature quote!
    My first goal is 200 lbs. Once I hit that (1 lbs left) I plan to just kind of live the lifestyle and let the weight settle in wherever it wants. The next goal would be to lose the pinchable stuff and lean out (wow never thought I'd hear myself say "lean out" in my lifetime... what has this lifestyle done to me?).

    After that, just to enjoy life...

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    Wow, some amazing changes being posted!

    Nossar, I wouldn't even think that was possible.
    Trifith...I think you've lost 10 pounds just in your face
    "Your actions speak to me so loud, I can not hear a single word you are saying."

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    I consider the middle of October, 2011 to be my start date, and I have been taking progress pictures after my workouts that are the first workout past the middle of the month. That day was today, so here are my pics:
    (If anyone can help me get them side by side, let me know with a message, otherwise, there is a lot of scrolling)

    Before, July 27, 2011 (F) by Mommymd55, on Flickr

    During, January 18, 2012 3 months primal (F) by Mommymd55, on Flickr

    4.3 mos primal front by Mommymd55, on Flickr

    Six month primal anniversary by Mommymd55, on Flickr

    Before, July 27, 2011 (L) by Mommymd55, on Flickr

    six month primal anniversary lateral by Mommymd55, on Flickr

    My weight has been oscillating between 15 and 17 lbs lost, once it got to 19 lbs lost, but that only lasted a day. My shape continues to improve, and even if I stay here I'm grateful for how far I have come.


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    Woohoo mommymd! Keep it up!
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