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    Quote Originally Posted by cmpitre View Post
    I enjoy yoga but I don't know about doing poses along those lines.
    That is really impressive.
    How did you stumble upon the Primal Blueprint and what made you want to try it out?

    The reason I ask is because I keep asking my wife to try it out and she refuses because it is "eating too much meat" in her words.
    I've been eating Primal for 3-4 years now. I tried to gently encourage my wife to eat more like me, but never forced her. She didn't give it a shot until she read the introduction to the "Everyday Paleo" book this past Christmas and she's been going strong since! She just needed to hear it from someone else. She hasn't lost any scale weight, but she has definitely replaced some fat with muscle. I've always thought her body was beautiful, but she looks better than ever now! Also, she FEELS much better in many ways (energy, digestion, etc.)

    Also: @Corvidae!! You look amazing! You have made remarkable progress in a pretty short time.
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    i would say, cordivae, that you look awesome!

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    Looking great, Corvidae! Very nice curves...

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    Wow, huge change. Congrats corvidae

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    Thank you guys The community here has been integral in making the change go so quickly and so well ^_^ Its easy to make the changes ive needed to make with everyones support!
    "Since going primal, I've found that there are very few problems that cannot be solved with butter and/or bacon fat."

    My amusing take on paleo-blogging:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corvidae View Post
    Any ladies have tips on busting the last patches of ab-fat?
    Ice. Not kidding. Look up Zeltiq. Better than Zeltiq, you can do it at home - I've lost a ton of belly fat in my last month of ice packs on the belly!
    5'4" 39yo mother to five sweeties & married to their AMAZING DaddyGrok
    Current Weight: 175lb__________________________________Goal: 135lb
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    ***Winning a 20-year war against binge eating disorder***

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kakes View Post
    Corvidae you hottie!! You look fantastic!
    Quote Originally Posted by zoebird View Post
    i would say, cordivae, that you look awesome!
    Quote Originally Posted by Baloo View Post
    Wow, huge change. Congrats corvidae

    What they said! You look amazing!

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    Awesome work.

    Re tummy fat... I know that CLA busts it, but it doesn't agree with everyone. It's found in grass fed animals... but you can order it in supplement form to take with meals.
    For me, it was great. For others, made them a little gassy. It's a trial and error kind of thing.

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    how tall are you?

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    Awesome stuff, cordivae!

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