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Thread: Before and after pics

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    Smile 2 Months Primal and loving every second!

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    So I was recently complimented by one of my spin students on how she could see a huge change in my face; not just because it's gotten thinner, but just how much my complexion had improved. It pretty much made my WEEK!!! (She then wanted to learn more about this "Primal stuff" I've occasionally mentioned...)

    I decided to snap a photo this morning and then dig up something from December - found a 'before' photo that was taken 3 months ago to the day.

    It's been just over 9 weeks since I began Primal living and I've lost 9 lbs, I feel AH-MAZING and realized that I likely did have a mild gluten intolerance that I never recognized (like most folks here). No more bloating or cramping, I've got constant energy, been cooking ALL the time and just loving the entire journey this decision has taken me on. The Primal Blueprint Cookbooks rock, Nom Nom Paleo is a great cooking site as well, not to mention the hundreds of other cooking blogs I've found.

    The weight is still coming off, but much slower, which is fine. The best part is that the last time I lost a significant amount of weight, I was a competitive triathlete, nearly starving myself, training 15-20 hours/week and miserable. I definitely swam, biked and ran fast, but that was about the only thing I was happy about. To be enjoying "moving slowly, often"; to revel in the bike rides through the vineyards at a mellow pace instead of a breakneck speed where your eyes are only staring at the road - it's just been the most incredible, fantastic thing. I am still working on getting in more 'heavy lifting' into my schedule, but I'll get there.

    I'm just savoring every moment and couldn't be happier that I made this decision. As Mark would say - Grok On!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thehallowprince View Post
    For those of you who don't know my before...

    And here's my after taken today...

    WOAH!!! so uh...hey hows it goin
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    I love seeing all the before and after pics. I was needing inspiration today, trying to stay away from eating my kids leftover Valentine's Day candy. I found it here. Thanks. As soon as I find a "before" pic (don't know if I allowed any to be taken) I'll post my progress too.

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    Huge difference primal king, nice work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeacefulWarrior View Post
    Thanks kcarol, Griffin and Primal King! kcarol...I've have 2 wonderful little daughters. The apple of daddies eyes. And a wife too
    Baah...lucky woman!

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    WOW! Drea6681, you lost a person! Great Job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TPG View Post
    Ok, I'm finally feeling brave enough to post these. It's been a year of living primal informally (without knowing what it was) and 8 months since I read the book and committed. I've lost 50 pounds and four clothing sizes. The before photos were taken in early 2011 and the after were taken in January and February 2012.
    TPG you look so healthy and happy! Way to go!
    You don't have to be sick to get better.
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    I first have to be a smartass and mention that my "after" picture will just be a small pile of ash.

    Anyhow, here's a quick before-and-current snapshot. The "before" picture is pretty representative of how I had been for years. I'm about the same weight now as in the old picture, but I was just always soft and doughy.

    We began eating Paleo/Primal in September of 2011, doing just the bare-bones basics for the first month and kicking it into full-on the following month.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaGrok View Post
    More pics are always in order! Here are some for the slow loser crowd like me:

    Same outfit, about 12lb difference from Nov 2010 to Jan 2012. In between, though, my binge eating and EXTREME sugar addiction disappeared. Much work is being done that is helping to ensure that my loss STICKS. Even better than the thinner upper arms, thighs, glut, trunk. It's hard to be patient, but I'm consoling myself with the reality that I haven't been without cravings in over 15 years, but now I am. The health changes are adding on years and years of healthy life to my time - it's enjoyment of my final years, not just numbers, that I'm investing in. Health!!

    And for kicks, yesterday tried on the 20 year old cheerleading uniform:


    Very Sexy Mamagrok.

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    This thread always perks me up, I've been eating crappy and haven't been doing any exercise. I never really got that energy boost people talk about, I don't think I've been eating enough, luckily i dont think ive gained anything back(I'm still down 2 holes on my belt, almost 3). Tomorrow is a new day!
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