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    So i've been at this for a month.

    I feel alot better. Stronger, more energy. And I do feel like I look better in the mirror and my clothes fit better, I feel like my pants are looser. Other days I feel like nothing has changed at all.

    But I feel slightly depressed right now after comparing photos from a month ago (30th Dec to 26th Jan) as I don't think I look any different at all in them. But it seems to be hard to notice changes for myself.

    So I may aswell just post them here. I feel a bit worried about that, but would like to know if there is any differences or even if there is not. Excuse the underwear pictures. I'd rather show underwear pictures when I get into shape hahaha but oh well.

    I've changed my eating ALOT and have been doing kettlebells 3x a week.

    I will probably take them down in a few days too until I get more results.

    The real test is about 2 weeks ago I had measurements done by a friend who is trained as a gym instructor, in another 2 weeks I will do them again, as sometimes it's hard to notice in photos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimelah View Post
    It's funny how in your "bigger" pic your head is down, but in your second "slimmer" pic, your head is higher, as though you're proud. And you should be!
    Yes I am prouder and I think my posture is improving too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BensonElPosman View Post
    So I may aswell just post them here. I feel a bit worried about that, but would like to know if there is any differences or even if there is not. Excuse the underwear pictures. I'd rather show underwear pictures when I get into shape hahaha but oh well.
    I can totally see a difference! Most of what I see is in the upper chest area with some in the belly and the face. A lot less bloating and such.

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    Benson - just keep at it! When your body fat is that high to begin with, it can take a while to really get going. You may only see subtle differences for the first few months, but they keep adding up over the long run, and that's the point of this - something you can do for the rest of your life. And hopefully, that's a long time and getting longer every day!

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    yeah benson, you're definitely beginning to shrink. your brow and cheek line & your arms are pretty noticeable

    don't be all sad eet's workin
    yeah you are

    Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.

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    Benson - you have to hold onto those little changes when you're a bigger person. I used to weigh 300 so I understand. Just give yourself time and remember that it takes about a 10% loss in weight before people will really start to notice on anyone. If you only weigh say 150 that's only a 15 pound loss, but it's double that for someone who started where I did - which means it's going to take some time. As for me, I noticed the difference in your face in your before and afters more than anything. Your chin isn't so full. Keep at it!

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    Thanks for your comments everyone.

    It's good that you notice some difference. Because I still look at it and feel I look the same.

    I've done alot of study and work on the mental part of this and I know this is a part of 'resistance' which is basically my subconscious mind trying to resist it because positive change is happening. It's something i've just got to welcome and keep working on. This resistance comes up for me when making changes and tries to prevent me from even noticing them. So i'm glad I posted the pictures now.

    The main thing i'm trying to keep in mind, that i've kept at this longer and more consistently than I have been able to for years. And I credit that to a practice called Matrix Reimprinting. And when I got my mind ready the primal blueprint seemed like the best practice to follow when it come to eating.

    Thankyou for the encouragement and comments, i'm glad to have a community like this here.

    I have a friend who is supporting me a bit, but he is working on putting on weight because he is skinny. But were both working on eating well and at times I feel like something like a iced coffee or pizza and he says "nah you don't need that" and i'm like "yeah your right" and can let it go. So it's good to have that even though our goals are different.

    And he is also eating differently, but it's still good to have him to make those comments.


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    Thank you to everyone for sharing photos! It is really inspiring to a newbie coming into this. =)

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    Try to remember that when your losing weight, it will come off in the reverse order it went on. Therefore.. you will notice changes firstly in your face and neck, then your arms and legs. Finally it will start significantly coming off your midsection. So dont stress if you dont see big changes immidiately, they are happening, you just need to look in the right areas.

    You'll get there mate... just stick at it.

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    Wasn't gonna post pix but decided - I should. You guys are all so brave.

    41, 5'8ish (I may be taller in my mind than in reality) - heaviest weight was 193. Did some weight watchers... dropped to 183. Some friends were doing paleo - I didn't understand it but tried to eat more whole foods - did a lot of Cooking Light recipies and ate better but still ate pasta, bread etc. I dropped another 10lbs to 173. Figured this is what middle age was and I would just be this way - 173 and a size 14 from here on out.

    Decided to try primal (fully out of spite to my friends and thinking no way would I live without grain) and bought a book to really "get" what I was trying to do and to do it correctly vs. trying to guess.

    Started primal October 1, 2011.

    Felt a lot better and slept through the night. This was enough - the focus on how I felt and feeling good.

    Then I lost some weight. My low weight - weighed this week - was 159.5 but I've been stuck at 160 for a while. I probably need to clean up some eating (too much dairy and too much red wine probably) Decided I didn't care and would focus on some strength for now. Dial things in a bit later - I really like my dairy and wine.

    All my size 14 pants/skirts are super big - can't wear them. Took them to a consignment shop. I can still get by at work in my size 12 pants/skirts - however they are safety pinned at the waist because they are too big. I think I might be fitting into 9s if not now, shortly. I just don't have the $$ to buy new pants/skirts right now and I haven't gone shopping cuz I'd be too tempted to buy - and what if 9s are tight? Will make do with safety pins and size 12 for now.

    I took pix the first of November - 30 days after being primal and before I began strength training according to the primal e-book.
    I took pix just a couple weeks ago in January 2012 - 60 days of strength/sprint training.

    It's motivating to see that I have made improvements but it's disheartening to see yourself and you never look as good as you think you do! And I have wierd ribs - something about a concave or convex sternum... always have had it. I see I still have a way to go before I am buff by any means. It's a journey and isn't gonna happen overnight.

    I ordered Convict Conditioning and started the big six movements last week. Figure it's similar to Mark's ebook with pix and maybe some more incremental exercises. I can't wait until I really have some muscle definition.... I worry I'm stuck and won't keep making noticable differences in my frame. However, I started writing things down so I can see rep and movement difficulty as I move up the scale to master the big six.

    I'm so glad everyone is so supportive. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you - Shanster
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