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Thread: Before and after pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaGrok View Post
    You lost like 15 years!!
    Mommymd - you do look like you went back in time by 15 years! Nicely Done!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubs View Post
    Thanks fpsjosh01......I don't see alot of improvement as far as the weight goes. At this point I am down 10lbs but the strength I'm gaining and the improvement in energy and mood is what feels best to me. My goal is to be able to complete one pullup (and more of course) which I have never been able to do. I figure if I can do that then I'm sure the fat content of my body will be reduced along with the increase in strength.
    I think a more reasonable goal would be doing JUST that, except bare chested.

    You and I both want to do this, I think it's time I started working my biceps more as well.

    I will make a video of me doing pull ups, bare chested.
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    You don't need to specifically work your biceps. Do Marks PBF and you will be sweet

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    What a fantastic thread. I'm 5 weeks into my PB experience and have gone from 243lb to 228lb and feel great. All the bloating and reflux issues I had just cleared up overnight. I'm hoping to be able to post my pics to this in a couple of months but in the meantime, what an inspiration you all are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalel213 View Post
    Hi Everyone! I've slacked so horribly on before/after pics since I joined the community here. You all seem to be doing so great and it's awesome to see. I just turned 29, I'm 6'8" and I've gone from about 270 lbs. at my heaviest to just about 200 lbs. through primal eating and lots of rock climbing. This forum and its members are a big reason for my lifestyle change, so I wanted to give a sincere thanks to all of you for sharing your journeys.

    1Start by kal-el_213, on Flickr
    This was me close to my worst. I've shared this one before. So ashamed that I didn't even want bright lights during the pic, apparently, haha.

    3More serious Sep2011 by kal-el_213, on Flickr

    September of last year after a few months of primal and rock climbing.

    7Jan2012 by kal-el_213, on Flickr

    My most recent from the beginning of this month. I couldn't even do five push-ups when I started and now I'm doing sets of pull-ups like there's no gravity. Life changing doesn't even begin to describe it!

    You look amazing!!

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    **takes a seat in a circle of chairs**

    ME: *Hello, my name is Adam. And I've been primal for a little over 3 weeks now*

    MDA: *Hi Adam*

    This is my first time posting topless pictures of myself on the internet.

    (sorry, it was cold in my house this day)

    I can't see a whole lot of difference (maybe you can), but the scale says about 11 pounds, and I feel great!

    Starting weight - 251
    Current weight - 239.8 (as of 1/18/2012)
    Goal weight - 200
    Goal pant size - 32
    Goal BF% - 12%

    Ultimate goal - look like cheapo, pklopp, or Bane

    Grok on!

    I'll be keeping my hair, as well.
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    Hi Adam!

    Can definitely see less belly bulge there...keep it up!

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    Adam - great progress you made in 3 weeks. Your belly is way less bloated and distended. You can even tell that eventually you will have an awesome 6 pack. I totally see it in your future.

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    Adam - yep, that belly is going bye bye! When I first looked at the pics, I thought they were taken the same day and went back and forth because the second looked so much better and I thought it was camera angle

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    It really is ridiculous how much sugar and grain-based treats I ate over Christmas. I could tell just walking down the stairs that my fat was the loose/jiggly/sugary kind. I was ashamed. My belly had bloated and my face was puffy. I've got a ways to go, but the journey has started.

    Thanks for the comments. I can't imagine a six-pack, but I hope I get one!

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