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    Quote Originally Posted by VeloCity.X View Post
    Should it stay or should it go?
    Firstly, there sure isn't anything wrong with maintaining! I believe it also means your internal system is working properly again, because you're not eating as well but the system is still handling your fat storage with ease.

    To answer your question above, don't take this as an insult, but at first glance of the 'stache I thought you were gay. NOT that there's anything wrong with that - it was just a correlation that my brain made as to the style of the 'stache, and I don't know if the men commenting are gay themselves, but, I'd say that you look better (more attractive) with a bit of all-around scruff as opposed to the 'stache.

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    You certainly could find a lady who loves the mo'. They are out there, but it does make the pool somewhat smaller. I think it looks fantastic and would date someone with a mo' like that as it shows an awesome level of character, but I'm not sure how serious it would get (while I do love me a hairy man, facial hair annoys me when being kissy and the like) so I'm of mixed feelings. If I had to pick, I'd vote go but with an occasional appearance.

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    My opinion probably doesn't matter since I'm a guy(not gay), but I think it rounds out all that chest hair pretty well.

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    As a happily married woman with a DH with not only a 'stache, but a beard... I say keep it! As Lilyheart says, it exudes character and even makes you look a little less "accountant-y". I don't know which age range you're looking in, but most women my age (mid 40's) will notice and, even if they don't appreciate kissy-face with facial hair, will at least have bothered to get to know you well enough to ask you to shave it before it gets to the physical intimacy part -- then you can let your own natural, healthy, head-on-straight self shine for them!
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    Quote Originally Posted by VeloCity.X View Post
    So I'm throwing it up to all the primal ladies and She-Groks out there. Should it stay or should it go?
    Your moustache is a completely personal thing. If you like it, if you think it suits you, then you can decide to keep it. It's like a woman asking a bunch of guys what size breast implants she should get. She's going to get a whole range of answers from "don't get any" to "double-Ds, baby!" and that's not helpful, is it? Wear your facial hair in whatever style you feel most confident in. It's the confidence that attracts the chicks, not the looks.
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    but wearing the body speedo and constantly flexing doesn't hurt either
    yeah you are

    Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.

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    I think the circus strongman look is coming back. And you can always find work as an Old West bartender.

    Seriously, though, great job! The most amazing thing about paleo before/after pics is how much people's faces change. With or without mustaches!

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    i like your mustache in fact, i have dated a lovely man with a very similar mustache. he sometimes waxed and curled it. the first time i ever saw him, i thought to myself *he is a magician. how strange* he's kind of like a tech-loving, young version of gandalf.

    Anyway, my advice from experience is that once your mustache hairs are over a half inch long or so, it's certainly not Uncomfortable to kiss, unlike scruffy faces (not that i don't like those, too...). having a filled out/long mustache definitely changes kissing, but i don't think it's a negative change, and i DO think it gives you a lovely amount of character. especially if you're into steampunk, and ever start wearing vests or monocles

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    I'm also digging the old-time victorian strong man look too. and I'm a girl. my guy has a baby-face, so he shaves, but i think it looks great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joan View Post

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