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Thread: Before and after pics

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    Sep 2011
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    WOW!!! Great job, Hut!!!

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    Sep 2011
    Having spent the last couple of days working through before & after pics - hats off to everyone! It has been great to see the transformations - picture paints a thousand words & all that! Keep up the good work!

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    Sep 2011
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    No gratuitous shirtless shots here, I'm afraid. I know if I ever run for public office those suckers would be on the cover of the Enquirer in double-quick time. I think these get the point across, however. On the left is June 2007, at 230 lbs. On the right is Sept 2011, at 180, running up to Snoquera Falls east of Greenwater. I haven't been able to run like this since I was 15 (I'm 26 now).

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    Lookin' DAMN good!

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    That's one for the books, Danno!

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    Good morning everyone!

    I just dropped a line in the "Meet and Greet" section, but all of the amazing transformations here in the sticky have made me want to share a bit of my own journey. I wish I'd had better photography for my "before" pic, but it is what it is. :P

    1Start by kalel213, on Flickr

    3More serious Sep2011 by kalel213, on Flickr

    My favorite thing about the change is that I'm far from done. If this is the midpoint, then things are hopeful indeed.
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    Ok, worries about putting photos on the internet aside, I promised myself that I would post some before/during shots up at the beginning of this month.

    I've got a journal going where I go into detail (but it's basically food, diary, random thoughts) but to give the basices, I'm 42, used to be a lot more athletic - pretty decent local/regional bicycle racer. That pretty much stopped after the 2nd kid came along and he turns 6 this month. And I've had a very very difficult 2+ years.

    My lowest weight when racing was about 165 lbs at 5'-10"+, average about 173 lbs, and I was always a little bit heavier than most. My max weight was probalby around the beginning of this year at close to 220.

    I started exercising again following CW and got down to about 200 lbs. A friend has been Primal for over a year and a half and I finally decided to give it a 30 month try on June 1, 2011

    June 1 - I think just under 200 lbs (changed scales and they don't quite match up)

    July 1 - 189.1 lbs

    August 1 - 183.6 lbs

    September 1 - 180.6

    October 1 - 172.6 - but probably a bit dehydrated.

    So 4 months now, 27.4 lbs off, 45 to 50 total. I've tried to take the photos first thing in the morning, same position, same light no posing. Sorry for the poor quality. Don't seem to be able to hold my hand still enough to get a good picture.

    I'm no Bane or SteveO, but I feel like I'm coming along. I still bike a decent amount and teach a spinning class at the Y 3x/week (more than I want), but I'm no where near at the volume I was when racing. I also try to get 2 to 3 LHT workouts in per week. A combination of Y cross-fit style and just body weight exercises focusing on the 5 Essential Movements. And I do a 3 mile VFF park run maybe twice in 3 weeks.

    And because I am still a bit vain... I figured out how to use the camera on the laptop and took a photo with a bit more dramatic lighting after my 5 Essentials workout this moring.

    Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....

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    Danno, that's some great progress, especially when it's so clearly noticeable from some shots where you're not really trying to show it off at all.

    Kalel213 that's an awesome transformation. Are you doing primal fitness or are you working in a more strict gym plan or something else like crossfit.

    Velo.CityX The changes you've made so far are HUGE!!! You went from looking "doughy" to looking good and solid. Great work, keep it up and you will be thrilled with where you can get to!

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    I still have about 15lbs to go but here's my latest progress update. These photos are from the 1st January, April, July and October. 48lbs down, 5" off my waist and 7" off my hips.

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    Wow Em, just wow!!!!!

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