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    Quote Originally Posted by NDF View Post
    So do you use your rebounder for sprints?
    Yes, sometimes in the winter time I put on some classic disco music and go for it. That is probably TMI.

    (Thanks Shinjin, Bane, Dullahan, jens)
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    Hi...,Nice post.A friend tell me about this site and i see is really good......It is really useful thread that will be referenced long into the future...Nice sharing...keep it up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bane View Post
    My workouts were just really random. Basically just hiking, pushups, pullups, pistols, and kettlebell stuff whenever I felt like doing it. Twice a week one week, 5 the next, 1 the next. That saying about it being 90% diet is really true.

    The top picture there is 7 months between the 3 shots. I kind of cruised along like that for about 4 months, then went on a Whole30 kick and got down to where I am in the bottom 3 shots.

    After a hectic 2011 and a summer of being FORCED, DAMNIT, by certain buddies to drink beer and whiskey in excessive quantities, I'm back to looking more like the 7 months (canvas belt) pic.

    I just dove into another Whole30, hoping to wake my lazy ass up and shred up a little more.
    What does an average day look like for you in terms of diet?

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    Some updated pictures. Still not a role-model for tanning but I'm working on that!

    And a before shot...

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    Tan aside very nice progress @BillyGoat4130!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FairyRae View Post

    BTW, I feel like a teenager posing in the bathroom taking pics w/ a cell phone.
    You look absolutely fab!! So inspirational to me as you used to look like the weight I am now, and now you look like how I want to look.

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    big difference, man! keep up the good work, billgoat!

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    This thread rules! Thanks to everyone who's shared their stories and photos...

    Bane - you rock - I want those abs, man!

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    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Since the last update (below), I've dropped 3 or 4 pounds and gained strength, but I don't see much change in body fat level. Granted my diet has been skirting the 80/20 rule, but I'm still getting frustrated. If you guys had to guess, what's my BF%?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kamel View Post
    I don't have before pictures unfortunately, but a little background: I was about 210 lbs five years ago. I'm 5'7. I got down to the high 160s low 170s through CW, which I maintained for the most part for a few years. I started PB in February, and I'm down to the 152 nowadays. I still want to cut a bit more fat, but in a month or two I plan to start trying to put on about 7 more lbs of muscle.

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