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Thread: Before and after pics

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    Paleobird - Just wow woman! I love that bathing suit and the attitude behind the glasses. Thanks for being brave enough to first of all take the pictures after chemo and then to post them. Your spirit really does show through!

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    Bane, What was your work out like? Can you tell more details?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bane View Post
    I said I'd post pictures after Whole 30, so here we go.

    Not earth shattering visual differences here, but I somehow managed to lose about 11-12 pounds in the last 30 days. Surprising as hell considering the massive meals I was putting away some days, but I guess the zero sweetener, zero dairy and zero alcohol helped. I also worked out less than usual, so... hmm. Anyway, the first one is my last pic posted in here at the end of July, and the 3 following were taken this morning.

    For the pic with 3 images in it, the weights are about 201, 173, and 170 pounds.

    The second pic with 3 were taken this morning with me at 159.4 pounds (!!) I never thought I'd be in the 150's in a million years. I had to weigh myself a few times to make sure it wasn't a mistake. Pullup numbers are increasing, still feeling just as strong or stronger, so I wasn't expecting more than a 3-4 pound weight loss... crazy, considering the food I put away.

    (geez, sorry the pic quality isn't that hot)

    Also, just because I this one is freaking me out still:

    I don't know how accurate these things are for body fat (I'm sure they're not great), but here's one from March for comparison:

    It's almost like this stuff works.

    BTW, that's enough fat loss for this year. That loud noise you just heard was me changing gears and putting it into MUSCLE GAIN mode. I think this is as far under 160 as I want to be.
    Bane, this is the post I was referring when I asked for the workout details. Thanks

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    That looks a lot like my scale mine seems to vary a lot on body fat %...maybe mine is just faulty I've gotten from 22-33% in the span of less than 2-3 weeks. Maybe its because I don't clean it or my feet before every time..the manual did say how clean your feet are could be an issue...I think.
    Age: 28
    Height: 6'1"
    Primal start date: July 1st 2011
    Start Weight: 275
    Current Weight: 248
    Stats below as of September 1st 2011 Tested via BodPod
    Body Fat 25.4%
    Fat Mass 63.721
    Fat Free Mass 74.6%
    Fat Free Mass 187.087
    Goal weight: 180-200 lbs(Recommended weight is around 180 for my height but that sounds low)
    Total lost so far: 27 lbs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adventure_Becons View Post
    Bane, this is the post I was referring when I asked for the workout details. Thanks
    Bane, unreal results. What was the time elapsed from first photo to last?

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    Posted my whole story in a seperate thread, but here are my before & after pictures:
    April 2006, ~235 lbs:

    Lost a bunch of weight, then started roller coastering between ~175 and ~185 pounds (I'd periodically lost muscle and gain fat) before I found out about primal.

    6 weeks of progress on the primal diet/fitness plan (First photo in the series is the day I started the primal diet, last is from last week):

    I've been hanging around 169 lbs for a while now, but continue to get stronger and see a difference.

    You can read the full post (with more photos and details) if you like here.
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    Awesome progress Pseudomotive and Paleobird, keep it up.

    Today is the end of month 6 for me. If you've read my journal then you know that since the start of August I've been having some run-ins with some certain sugary food (cake and ice cream). Over the past month I've put away a lot of the stuff and I'm just thankful I've hardly gained. Well, new week, new month and I'm not going to let myself or you guys down.

    Challenged myself to keep this upcoming week clean and 100% primal, which will make the next one even easier. I think this will be my last photo update for a while. The changes are small from month to month now, and I don't want to be too spammy. Anyway, weighed in at 220.8 lbs this morning. Overall I lost 4.4 lbs this month but if it wasn't for a freak drop of 5.8lbs (I seriously have no idea lol) it would have been a lot different.

    Age: 24
    Height: 6'2
    Primal start date: April 1st 2011
    Start Weight: 300.4 lbs
    Current Weight: 226 lbs (1/16/2012)
    Goal weight: 205 lbs
    Total lost so far: 74.4 lbs

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    Wow PBird.. You are awesome!! I would love to know what your fitness program consist of. I have a similar body shape.
    Although nowhere near as fit and tight as yours. I know that I could get there however. I just ordered the T.Tapp DVD's and
    I have a rebounder. Not sure about the sprinting that is always mentioned. I work at a place that has very steep escalators.
    I thought that if I ran up them several times a week that would be considered sprinting. I am new to this way of life and am
    spending hour after hour in the forums. I see that you are very active here. I would love to get some pointers from you.
    Have a great day..

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    Paleobird, Glenn and Pseudomotive,

    All of you are inspirational!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adventure_Becons View Post
    Bane, What was your work out like? Can you tell more details?
    Quote Originally Posted by Phkemp View Post
    Bane, unreal results. What was the time elapsed from first photo to last?
    My workouts were just really random. Basically just hiking, pushups, pullups, pistols, and kettlebell stuff whenever I felt like doing it. Twice a week one week, 5 the next, 1 the next. That saying about it being 90% diet is really true.

    The top picture there is 7 months between the 3 shots. I kind of cruised along like that for about 4 months, then went on a Whole30 kick and got down to where I am in the bottom 3 shots.

    After a hectic 2011 and a summer of being FORCED, DAMNIT, by certain buddies to drink beer and whiskey in excessive quantities, I'm back to looking more like the 7 months (canvas belt) pic.

    I just dove into another Whole30, hoping to wake my lazy ass up and shred up a little more.

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