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Thread: Before and after pics

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    Wow indeed, BillyGoat! The difference between before and after of you flexing, in particular, is amazing -- all that muscle definition happened in only 7 months! Thanks for the inspiration. By the way, the way the camera is balanced on the Listerine bottle is great, makes me giggle. =D
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    I'll echo the other "wows" BillyGoat! You really look amazing - those flat abs look amazing on you!!

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    Great job, Billy Goat! you look fantastic!
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    Wow, thank you so much guys...Its truly been a journey. I want to still lose a little bit more and I keep having family and friends tell me "Your too skinny now dont lose anymore" But I definitely appreciate all the nice things ya'll have said. I've actually got kind of a hot bod for once in my life and it feels pretty good

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    Before and current

    Wow! Great job BillyGoat (and everyone else).

    I'm not quite where I want to be yet, but I'm definitely closer than I've ever been. It's not an amazing transformation or anything, but I think there's definitely an improvement - please just disregard the terrible chest hair and moob in the before pic :S)

    Quick story, I've been Primal for over a year now, but had some slip-ups along the way. The before pic is not at my worst; it's about 10 lbs down from my worst, having lost it prior to starting Primal using CW.

    So before pick is at about 230-235lbs, I'm guessing.

    The 'current' pic is today. I'm at my lowest since probably high school - 201 lbs (my goal weight was originally 200 but I'd like to see 190).

    I'm hoping my 'after' pic will come in a couple months. I've started working out, which I'm hoping will help my body comp (I've always played sports but never really anything for strength in the past few years so hoping to have some impressive after pics to post on here).

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    Awesome if I could just get back on the wagon and continue with my own. Seems there's a bunch of us who have strayed and are regretting it. Damn you rum and Coke!!! lol

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    This is a work in progress I don,t think the pictures do the weight loss justice!

    August 2010 - 378lbs

    August 2011 - 322lbs

    Bear in mind that doesn't mean this is a years progress I weighed the same as top pic when started Primal Bluprint on the 10th of June 2011.

    So I,ve lost 56lbs in 2months which I think is pretty good going as its only been the diet side haven't actually started the exercise part yet!

    I freakin love this diet by the way easiest weight loss I've ever had!

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    You didn't get eye surgery did you? No glasses second pic. I can't stand not having mine on all the time it gives me headaches and I like how I look better with them :P

    I can see a major difference in the pictures great job.

    Glasses sure do change a look a bunch looks like two different people almost. Of course some of that's the major weight loss .
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    fufonzo, the loss of the wheat belly really becomes you! Great progress!

    56lb in 2 months, WHAT?!?! Holy moly!
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    I'm like a kid in a candy store! (Or a Prime in a bacon store.)

    Great work, all you sexpots.
    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates

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