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Thread: Before and after pics

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    Wow Spacemanspiff great work! What's your age/height? Because you look like you went from like 34 to 24!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebbles67 View Post
    Okay, Here Goes. My Primal before and during results as promised in my "Celebrating" thread. Yikes I'm so nervous, I think I might throw up.
    LOL (I hope)

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    Wow! You look fantastic! You've got good reason to celebrate!
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    Holy crap! You've gone from from like corporate cheese to hot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldsmith View Post
    I posted my story a while back here.

    Figured I would post a few photos to show progress and just add some more "proof" that this way of life works. It feels a little weird posting photos of yourself up here.

    First pic is me about a year and a half ago, eating whatever came my way and maybe running once a week or so. Pic is from Dec. 2009 (I think)

    Here we are after about 5 months of "chronic cardio" and a crazy restrictive low-fat CW diet. It was a ton of work to maintain this diet. I lost about 30lbs, but I was miserable for the most part. I look like those sickly vegans that Richard Nikoley is always showing at Free the Animal. Pic is from Summer of 2010

    And finally, this is after probably 7 months of Primal eating and lifestyle. I feel 1000 times better than in the previous picture, eat whatever I want (within the primal guidelines obviously) and workout a fraction of the time, lots of HIIT, sprints, and body weight stuff. No more daily 8 mile runs! Pic is from a few days ago.
    Fricken SWOON!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by karate lisa View Post
    fricken swoon!!!
    Q. F. F*n. T. !

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    Goldsmith - great work dude!

    We have very similar testimonies when it comes to weight loss (although I'm 5'6" and started out at 240 lbs). I lost 65 lbs. from October 2009 to June 2010. Currently maintaining at 175 lbs.

    Currently down to those last stubborn 10 - 12 lbs. I still count calories (even though I don't want to, my brain just goes there) and I was wondering if you could approximate your calorie intake on a daily basis? As well as how long your workouts are?

    I have a feeling these last pounds are emotionally related (I have pretty high stress levels). The silly thing is, most of my stress comes from not being able to shake off the last couple of pounds! Maybe I'm undereating? Not sure. I usually clock in around 2000 calories per day.

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    Clay, awesome, sounds like you have done a great job so far.

    I don't really keep track of my calorie intakes, I used to be pretty psychotic about it during my CW phases, always hoovering around 1500 or less. I was able to ween myself of tracking after about months of going primal. I would guess that I am somewhere around 2500 a day, maybe more. I pretty strictly follow a primal diet too, strictly meat and veggies, very little fruit and no dairy besides the occasional cottage cheese, but I will generally allow myself one big cheat a week and go off on some brownies or cookies or something (I have a huge sweet tooth that sometimes HAS to be satiated).

    My workouts are pretty intense but short. I generally have 1-2 sprint days, 2-3 days of Crossfit type body weight exercises or HIIT stuff, and 1-2 days of Muay Thai training. I also try to walk at least 30 minutes daily, but I probably end up doing it about 50% of the time. I probably don't rest as often as I should but as my fitness levels have progress it almost feels as if my body craves more activity... I feel sluggish and not as sharp on days I don't really do anything.

    I can also tell you that stress does seem like it matters... a lot. There have been weeks over the last few months that I have been really stressed and I just feel more bloated and can sometimes even spot a little belly coming back... being stressed out also makes me more tempted by things like brownies and cookies.

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    Yeah, I'm a recovering sugaraholic! Haha.

    Sounds like I do just about everything you do, but I don't have the definition that you do physically in the abs. Must be that darn stress. I'm trying to keep it low. It also sounds like I AM undereating. I'm starting to track my calories less and less as I see this way of living starting to work for me (been primal for about 3 months).

    I have also given up dairy. Meat and veggies all the way! Sounds like maybe I just need to eat a bit more

    Also, I've been looking into some MMA-style training as well. Going to start a 5x5 program soon! Keep at it Goldsmith!

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    Awesome Goldsmith, it's posts like this that convinced me to give primal a shot. Now, just about two months in I'm down 20lbs. Still have another 20-30 to go!

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