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Thread: Before and after pics

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    Love these progress pictures, i'll post some soon...maybe.

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    Great job, folks! I'm too vain to post until I have a real "after", oh well!

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    OMG, everyone is looking amazingly awesome!!!! It's really great to see how much people can change in a short amount of time on PB. My goal is to post something in a month or 2. I just have to get over my shyness around cameras.

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    Drain Bead -- striking is right! That's a huge difference and improvement between the two. Great job, and keep at it!

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    So many of you have made such awesome progress, this thread brings us all together and is great for showing us what is possible with intelligence, physicality, desire, and hard work. I come from a family of obese parents who have turned their lives around and gotten healthy (mom lost 150lbs!) and I am inspired to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have been primal and working out with just kettlebells and bodtyweight exercises for a year now, and I will try to attach a before/now picture as is customary for this thread.

    I am not computer savvy despite growing up with them, but I tried to attach two pictures to this post. The first from march on last year and the other from a couple weeks ago. In the first i was flexing and in the recent one i was relaxed. Hopefully it is apparent which is before and which is after. If it doesnt work i will just be branded a fool. Anyways im happy for you all, keep up the good work!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpecOps View Post
    Patrick -

    Looking great!!! Amazing to read your stats and see where you are now!!! No doubt you are well on your way to a great "After" pic!!! Awesome work!!!
    Thanks for the kind words, SpecOps! How's your Primal journey been treatin' ya? Picture time for you yet or are you holding out a bit longer?
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    Holy Schnikes, the Hallow Prince! You look like the son of the dude in the picture from 2010, AWESOME work !!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmcemt6 View Post
    If it doesnt work i will just be branded a fool.
    Now, now, lots of folks struggle with posting pics here. At the moment your pictures are in the moderation queue, so we can't see them yet. They'll appear within a couple days though! Exciting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
    I'm thinking "godlike" should suffice as a goal. Failing that (Ha! Unlikely, amirite?), I think I could live with "kinda looks like Cheapo... to someone who's snow-blind and fucking delirious."
    Fantastic! Great job, I have a long ways to go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karate Lisa View Post
    Holy Schnikes, the Hallow Prince! You look like the son of the dude in the picture from 2010, AWESOME work !!!
    Hahaha! Thanks!
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