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Thread: Before and after pics page 122

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    Holy hell Feanor, your arms are as thick as an oak tree!

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    Christmas present to myself. (and 59 next month)

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    JAYTEEWHY: You look awesome! Amazing progress. You definitely could pass for a pro football player with your physique

    Meg-a-Tron: Your waist has narrowed significantly! Awesome work so far!

    iniQuity: Holy crap you are lean! Very nice.

    localad: Wow, what an incredible difference! The gift of health is the best gift you can give yourself at any age.

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    Localad, whoa! Impressive!

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    Meg-a-Tron : awesome progress !!!

    localad : impressive !!!!

    Feanor : Dude thats awesome !!! love the sword pic. looking a lot like Conan there !!! it is amazing how fast the body will respond to training and feeding it correctly isn't it ??
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    The latest Success Story at MDA is pretty crazy. 105lbs in less than a year. Interestingly, his workout regimen includes more chronic cardio than most are likely to do here, and lifting in higher rep ranges, gives you something to think about though, sometimes I think we get too into that "workout less!" mindset. Check it out though, good story. Incredible how people just look so much younger.

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    Way to go Localad! Awesome job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaGrok View Post
    FWIW, I fixed my diastasis 5 times simply with the exercises mentioned in the What To Expect... books (well, I just did it very casually and w/o any specific exercises the last two times).
    Since I don't have the book but DO have diastasis, could you share how you fixed yours?


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    Ah finally I have the name of the book. I have been on this forum heaps and knew someone had commented about their diastatsis which I also have and I couldn't remember the name of the book. Now I do I will be ordering asap.

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    I wouldn't order the book just for the exercise - it's probably at the library. Basically, it involves lying on your back with knees bent, then crossing your arms across your abdominals, pushing the two sides of the muscle together to close the gap, then doing a few (very few immediately postpartum, then increasing) crunches.

    I haven't done them the last two pregnancies and just checked and yep, diastasis closed. I have done exactly zero crunches in the last year since my youngest was born. The gap is always very, very wide during pregnancy, several fingers wide. So I don't know if the exercise really helped, or it would have closed on its own, but I think maybe the exercise helped it closed faster. Maybe.
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