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Thread: Before and after pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by NutMeg View Post
    Sungrazer, looks like you need some new pants! Those look a tad big on ya!!! Well done!
    Hehe - yeah, I know. Those pants are 36", I can now fit in a 32"

    Quote Originally Posted by mandabear2010 View Post
    Oh SUNNY! I just melt when you look at me that way LOL

    Good job! So proud of you friend!
    Thank you Manda!

    Quote Originally Posted by Evita View Post
    Sungrazer......................wowzahhh!! keepin it real in Norway as usual!
    It's the only way I know how, Evita! Thank you!
    Sometimes you need to be told the truth in order to be able to see it.

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    You look great sungrazer! Very inspiring! =)

    Thanks for fixing the pics Nutmeg. Putting pics of me in my underwear up on public forums is still new territory for me.

    Thanks Evita. I do feel good. We went for a walk today on a nature trail. It was a place that I "hiked" about six years and 70lbs ago. The experience this time was so different. I couldn't believe how quickly we reached our destination. The "hike" is the same distance that I walk 5 days a week now. It kind of blows my mind. =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrimalMouse View Post
    Dont have any before pics, but i do have a pic of me after being paleo/primal for about 6 months and lifting heavy with sprints.
    That's pretty much exactly what I want my upper body to look like. Mind sharing your routine/diet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NutMeg View Post
    I can un-fix it for you if you wold like
    Nah, I'm good with it. Thanks again. Still figuring out the posting. Been ages since I've posted on a forum.

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    when you post the link for the image you put [im g]thenlinkgoeshere[/i mg] without the spaces of course

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpy Caveman View Post
    That's pretty much exactly what I want my upper body to look like. Mind sharing your routine/diet?
    As far as lifting goes, i do a day dedicated to one of the essentials,
    -monday: Heavy Bench, with incline bench, flys and chinups/pullups with either triceps or biceps work
    -wed: Deadlifts, with back work and pushups
    -thurs: overhead press and shoulder work, maybe some kettlebell stuff
    -sat: squats, pushups, pullups, and whatever else i feel like doing

    sprints thrown in when i feel like doing them haha.

    as far as diet goes, i just eat paleo, with sat fats, lots of meat and veggies, all the good stuff. i am however in college and am forced to eat cafeteria food which is shitty in quality, so my diet isnt as up to par as i want it to be food quality wise, so i only imagine what i would look and feel like if i could eat real food haha.
    Oh and i dont drink at all either, i know college kid who dosnt pretty much alienates me from everyone else my age, so i spend a lot of time in the wilderness, or in the gym, always improving.

    never stop training

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    Not exclusively PB, in fact, I learned about PB after the above, but essentially I was doing the same. Eliminated all refined carbs, in fact most carbs, but also intermittent fasting ( which I still do ).

    All of this at the tender age of 42. It's never too late to get the results you want.

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    Awesome progress jcard!!!
    Same to PrimalMouse and pklopp! I just love this thread for inspiration!
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    Great work pklopp.

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