Back in the summer of 2010, I adopted a primal lifestyle. I lost 15 pounds of stubborn belly fat and at 5'7, 135 pounds, I was a size 4. More importantly, I had tons of energy and just felt great. Over the next two years, I got pregnant, had a miscarriage, was on hormone treatments and--let's be honest--got off track and found myself at 160.

Perhaps due to a friend's recent weight loss success using conventional means, I decided to go the same route (you know the drill: counting calories, keeping fat at a minimum, etc., etc.). I nearly drove myself crazy with the calorie counting and, because I cannot exercise right now, the calorie amount I was given by livestrong was very low (below 1500 to lose a pound a week). I was starving, found myself wanting to snack and binge (something I'm not used to) and all around miserable. Oh yeah, and after three weeks of this, I had lost a pound and a half.

I then tried for a couple of days to eat lower carb without too much fat. That was better, but not much. Still starving, little movement on the scale. It was only when I added the fat that the pounds came off pretty steadily, roughly .4-.6 pounds per day and I've lost an inch in both my waist and hips. I know it may not be this steady all the way to my goal, but I am pleased and know from past experience that it yields results.

So lesson learned: I won't count calories and I will eat fat!!