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    Eating raw meat/fish really turns on my "I'm Full" signal much quicker than cooked.. Makes me think my body is recognizing the benefits and knows it's not going to take as much to get the job done... good stuff

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    I saw a programme on tv not long ago (so must be true! LOL) that suggested that the growth in humankind's brain could have been due to the introduction of cooking (meat that is). Cooking releases more energy from the food which can be used by the organism eating it. Just a theory though.

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    I like Lierre Keith's theory in her book the 'Vegetarian Myth', which states that our brains grew because we ate the brains of other animals. With the unique movement of our thumbs we were able to use tools to smash the skulls of animals. We then ate the brains, which were full of fat. The crux of the idea is that since our brains are largely made up of fat our brains need large amounts of fat to grow.

    On a somewhat related note, at the Wise Traditions event that I went to this past weekend (put on by the Weston A. Price Foundation), one of the speakers mentioned a study that measured the brain size of vegetarians over a few years (something like 6 years-I don't remember the exact number). The results were very scary! Vegetarians' brains decreased in size by 8%!

    I was vegetarian for a few years and vegan for a period. Now, I'm wondering if my brain has shrunk in size, can I grow it back?! I'd like to find out more now that I'm writing this. I'll see if I can find that study...

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    "the growth in humankind's brain could have been due to the introduction of cooking (meat that is)."

    It's possible. But then I think, we were already smart enough to make fire so... It more than likely has something to do with aliens ; )

    I think there is definitely something more appealing about cooked meat that raw though. No matter how good raw meat may be for us. The fat on a steak is so delicious when cooked! but hardly has any taste raw. Same with chicken livers, they are so creamy when you cook them! yet raw, they are downright horrible. Raw egg yolks are good. This is all just my opinion.

    Another thing I wonder. People keep saying that raw meat is so much easier to digest than cooked. I don't know about you guys, but I've tried some raw steak and it was tough as hell and hard to chew. Even pounding it down, slicing it, and marinating in lemon or apple cider vinegar. Cooked meat is so much more tender in my experience and feels like I would extract more nutrition from it. Maybe I'm doing it wrong?

    How do you make your meat more tender?

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