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Thread: rare chicken okay?

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    In Japan, raw chicken is a delicacy as sashimi, but they only eat the very top quality best-treated all natural chickens raw. I think it's gross, but it's not dangerous if it's raised, butchered, and served properly.
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    I have confirmed that my roast chicken from last night was medium rare. I had it in the oven for an hour so i could've sworn it was/should be done but alas it contained bright red marks on the inside (fresh blood) and the meat was sort of rubbery and harder to pull off the bone. Tasted ok (didn't taste much though, maybe too little salt used) but even with some suspicion i ended up eating the whole thing. Mainly because i knew it was about 80% cooked and that it was free range so i thought it'd be safe enough to eat.

    I could eat it like that, but i like my chicken well cooked and crispy so i shall not be making the same mistake.

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    Yeah I do like crispy well done roasted chicken! Yum...but I do like it less done as well (probably because it's quicker!). I don't think I'm going to get too worried about it. It's not like I have it raw - it's just not quite cooked so I should be right. Most Salmonella outbreaks are from dodgy eggs where I live, it seems. It's no wonder - we have some very nasty cage facilities here.

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