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Thread: 16 Year Old Girl, Hoping To Finally Change Her Life

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    It may help you to not think in days but rather meals. If you have a bad meal, tell yourself the next one will be better, and follow through. Take it one meal at a time and it may be easier to do. Also be sure you are looking at this as a lifestyle change and not a diet. You can't "fall off the wagon" like other diets. You might want to start a journal to help you keep track as well.

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    One foot in front of the day at a time. Once you start feeding your body good, soulful food, the rest will fall into place. Try going for long walks and take in the beauty of the blue sky, the sunshine on your cheeks and breathe deeply. The fact that you are here, on this forum, speaks volumes about you as a person, and the potential that lies within your strength.
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    I would suggest a couple things. On the depression issue, make sure you are getting enough protein. I have personal experience with depression (although I'm lucky and grateful that it only lasted for about 5 months) and getting plenty of protein every day did help (My doc recommended ~70g a day and it seemed reasonable to me).

    On the transitioning to primal/ carb flu thing. Eat some carbs. Switch one thing at a time. Start by going primal but go ahead a keep your carbs up high if you need to. Eat some potatoes, sweet potatoes, and/or white rice. Get your brain and body wrapped around eating real foods and not reaching for the bread, chips, pasta, etc. Go ahead a eat some nuts (yes I know these are a fat not a carb but they are frequently a talking point for things people are trying to control in their diet). Give yourself a week or two. Then start cutting back on the carbs again. That way you aren't trying to tackle new food choices AND the carb flu all at once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by golangrok View Post
    Thanks so, so much. I have been eating somewhat less carby, and today I really want to start. For breakfast I had some cottage cheese, eggs, and bacon, and later today I'll have some salad and rotisserie chicken. I'm feeling good I'll keep checking in and explore the forum some more.
    Good. Glad to know things are going well.

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