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Thread: Carbs and smoking

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    I couldn't help myself from comparing the nicotine withdrawal syndrome I experienced in the past (which I remember vividly, btw) with what I think was a carb withdrawal syndrome after I went low-carb.

    One of the things that astonished me the most was the fact that, even after being "mechanically full", I still experienced a pervasive need to eat a bit of carbs. Some people I know have not experienced this, and I wonder if any of you have.

    A very good friend, an addiction psychiatrist, told me there might be some parallels between the impact of high sugar blood levels and the abnormal stimulation of pleasure/reward centers in the brain. I look forward to reading whatever comes up about this in the future.

    It would also be interesting to see more research about differences in the physiology of the brain under glucose vs. ketones.

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    Don't eat the tobacco. High carb, you know.....

    Before I started dieting I read of a book wherein the author, a very accomplished and knowledgeable type, was discussing the salt-fat-sugar addiction system. Why many people cannot say "No," and others of us love that Chinese food (which I was eating when I read the newspaper story.)

    I get some of my forbidden carbs as I feed my old parents. Here and there I'll have a 1/4 teaspoon of ice cream, or once slice of potato from German potato salad, etc. So far, so good. But someday, that popcorn MUST be made.....

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    Not the exact article I was looking for, but an interesting read nonetheless.

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