One of my old way of life FAVORITE meals was this pasta with Lamb Ragu by Giada Delaurentis.

I picked up some Grass fed ground lamb meat from the local farmers market and decided to make a primal version. YUM.

*Side note..Pasta was my HARDEST "give up" for primal, but now I won't go near it...*
Here is the original recipe

Lamb Ragu with Mint Recipe : Giada De Laurentiis : Recipes : Food Network

I kept everything the same EXCEPT the pasta.
I actually cut green squash into thin "spaghetti". I steamed it briefly so it could be al'dente.
Man, you can barely taste the difference! I think I have found my pasta replacement.
(I have also made with beef & veal, all come out great)

I am eating the leftovers for lunch, and it tastes evn better today!