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Thread: Medication - rosacea

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    Medication - rosacea

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    Anyone use metro gel for rosacea and did you go off it totally once primal? My rosacea has gotten much better since I have gone lc then primal and now whole 30 but hasn't gone away completely. Texture of skin on my cheeks is much better, though color still a bit pink but not really visible with makeup on.

    What are the downsides to using it? I am out of my prescription and I am trying to decide if I should go to doctor and get a renewal or not.

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    Not answering your question really, but my sister suffered this for years and then tried foot waggling. I am serious. Every night she would put her feet up on the sofa and waggle her feet back and forth for 10 minutes. It cured it completely. I assume it relates to lymphatic drainage. Can't hurt to try, I saw it work.

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    Love the foot waggling post. will definitely try.

    I have been taking L-lysine and haven't stopped while going primal. It works for me!

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