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    I am glad I dont eat pasta anymore, I never really liked it to begin with. I just ate it because that is "normal" I dont miss the feeling of being bloated after eating a huge dinner anymore and not being able to sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia1973 View Post
    So funny- my husband now wants REAL bacon.... he ate it the real once and the veggie bacon went into the trash.
    Ron Swanson on Vegan - YouTube

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    Nothing. I never ate what I didn't want to eat. Never had fake tofu anything.

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    Cereal and milk.
    A "meal" that leaves you with NOTHING.
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    rice cakes
    Becel margarine
    low fat dairy products
    low fat processed cheese slices (which I ate for about a month once trying to lose weight)
    snackwell cookies
    fig newtons
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    Cooked, mashed potatoes with watery gravy on them. I used to eat this almost every night as a child and hated it so much that I'd try to smuggle away and spit out the stuff in the bathroom every time I could. It was also the stuff we used to mash up any kind of vegetables with - the fastest and surest way to get your kid to dislike veggies if you'd ask me.

    Also in Holland there's this famous chocolate bar for kids, called 'cow bar'. The stuff our grannies used to carry in their purses. It consists of a mysterious ingredient they hilariously call ' fantasy of cocoa ' and has nothing to do with cocoa or even with any kind of fantasy other then very fucked up nasty fantasy. And of course loads of sugar in it to cover up the lack of any other taste.

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    snackwell cookies
    LOL, I remember Snackwells. They had the same calories as Oreos, but didn't taste as good.

    100 Calorie Packs.

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    Speaking of cookies -- Girl Scout Cookies.

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    Another vote for skinless chicken boobs and tofu-anything. And I certainly don't miss the heart-breaking moment I'd pour those yummy egg yolks into the dog's dish, or worse, the trash!
    I'm really not missing protein bars, those Pure Protein ones were unbelievably bad. I used to have some moronic belief that my muscles would bloat into lumpy sacks of fat if I didn't feed them protein every 3 hours. (bad sophie!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by SophieScreams View Post
    I'm really not missing protein bars
    I kind of miss ThinkThin bars, tbh. 20g of protein, glycerin and sugar alcohol sweetener, and the ingredients aren't honestly that bad (I've seen worse, anyway). And they were actually pretty tasty. I used to eat them back when I was super depressed and had zero appetite because they were small and calorie-dense and "good for you".

    I've been thinking about using them as a sweet cheat, but I dunno if I really will.

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