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    Agreed on phony burgers, whole grain breads, turkey bacon and skinless chicken. Also, soy/almond/rice milk. I really don't miss big boring plates of pasta and, even though I indulge occassionally, I don't miss pizza as much as I thought I would.

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    I usually make things fit my trip. Things like rice, beans, salt, oils, butter, margarine are things that I ate in very limited amounts, so cutting them out almost completely was pretty easy.

    Chickpeas will be tough. I like a good hummus. And I kind of like tofu, though I usually made it into a dip.

    Oh, I know. Corn chips. I realize corn isn't a forbidden food, but I'm never eating corn produced in the U.S. ever again. I guess I can eat spinach dip off my finger.

    Bread is tough. I'm a sandwich lover. But really, a burger with tomato and jalapenos without the bread isn't bad. By next month, I'll probably be wondering why I ever masked the flavors with bread.

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    Pringles, omg.

    I had a terrible, terrible addiction to them and didn't even really like the taste by the end; I would eat them and feel ill, but somehow couldn't stop myself. I was happy to say goodbye to the whole chip lifestyle; now I eat my guac with a spoon.

    But if we're talking about things that were supposed to be "good for you" that we ate/drank religiously? Diet soda, I am SO glad to see the back of you. That stuff was so disgusting. *shudder*

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    Tofu, turkey bacon, whole grain anything - worst of all was the rice pilaf my mom fed me several times per week growing up. Never could make myself eat low fat cheese or dairy. I always have gravitated towards fatty meats, fruits and vegetables. Don't miss vegetable oils either - I never used them at home but it's hard to avoid when you're out. Oh, and don't miss eating crappy cardboard birthday "cake" at office functions.

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    it's hard to say really. I've always been a picky eater and really only ate things I liked, not anything that I thought was healthy and therefore choked down. I mostly enjoyed everything I used to eat. If I were to eat a lot of those foods now, however, after months [and in some cases, years] of not consuming them and favouring real, whole, delicious foods instead, I suspect I'd find them revolting, particularly soy "milk"
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    I'll agree on the tofu front. At BEST it tastes like whatever you cook it with. I do admit I occasionally enjoyed the rubbery, chewy texture of some of the smoked tempeh options, but...come on.

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    Cereals, boxed meals like hamburger helper (always too salty), chicken fingers, pizza. Cakes and cupcakes, pies -- I always ate cake for the icing, but I never really liked cake. Pies were never my deal.

    I don't miss any of it, because all I remember is how awful I felt on them. So enjoy the smell when I pass by, but remind myself how it never tasted as good as it smelled. And nothing beats a coconut milk smoothie or bacon.

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    I'd have to say low fat foods, although it was never that much. I would sometimes opt for leaner cuts of meat and usually went for lower fat dairy. I'm glad I'm not using veg oil for cooking anymore as lard is soooooo much better for it anyhow. And living overseas for 10 years I ate plenty of full fat cheese, pate and so forth.

    I've never been one to eat things I didn't like, but I like a lot of things so whole grains, oatmeal and so on were never an issue as far as preference.

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    Low fat/no fat yogurt. I used to eat it for the probiotics, but... ugh. It tasted like bile to me.

    Full fat yogurt is yummy!

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    I second the person who's glad not to eat skinless chicken anymore. I love the chicken skin now.

    The only faux meat product I ever ate was tempeh. I DO miss tempeh. It tastes meaty both in flavor and mouth-feel -- I think it's supposed to be better for you than tofu ... maybe?

    I'm glad I don't depend on bread and cereal anymore. But I never hated the taste of of my whole grain bread or my totally plain puffed cereal, or plain rice. And oatmeal, holy shit did I like oatmeal.

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