Hello! Today is my day 1 of trying Primal, so I'm a bit nervous. Definitely goes against all the CW that's always been pounded into my head, that's for sure! But I need a change, and I need structure, but reasonable structure. Not structure in the form of a certain number of points or calories per day, but more as "eat this when you're hungry, don't eat this."

I'm 33, 5'9" and weighed in this morning at 227.2. I'm a size 18/20 on the bottom, though in dresses I can often get away with a 14/16 if they're A-lines. I'm very much an hourglass shape, which I love, I just wish there were less hours to me! LOL My body seems very comfortable at this weight - my heaviest was about 245, my lowest so far has been 196 (thank you Weight Watchers!), but I always seem to come back to around this weight/size. But even though my body is comfortable with it, I am not. I'm single and wouldn't mind dating, but am too self-conscious to do so. I keep saying, "when I get skinny." Well, that's never gonna happen at this rate and though I joke about dying a spinster, it's not really high on my bucket list. :-)

I'm a new runner and thoroughly enjoying it, which still seems odd to say. I'm doing the Couch to 5K program which is blowing my mind on a regular basis. Just a couple months ago I had trouble running for 60 seconds straight, and this past Saturday I did a 20 minute nonstop run, which was also my first mile run since, I don't know, high school??? It was really exciting for me. I'm signed up for my first 5K on 9/15 so I can't wait!

Last night I emptied my cupboards, fridge and freezer of all grains and non-Primal stuff. I went grocery shopping and filled my freezer with some meat, and my fridge with lots of produce. My cupboards are still bare though - I guess I have room to buy some spices now? I've never been a very good cook, so this is going to be difficult for me, but I have to do it.

So yeah, that's me in a nutshell.

Food for today:
B: 3 eggs, 2 slices bacon, touch of ranch dressing, half an avocado
S: Protein smoothie with protein powder, orange juice, pineapple and strawberries
L: Skillet (cooked with olive oil) with cabbage, red pepper, asparagus, onions, spinach, ground beef, sprinkle of cheese on top
S: Yellow peppers, cucumbers, touch of ranch dressing
D: Small filet wrapped in bacon, veggies with butter
Dessert: Blueberries with a small drizzle of heavy whipping cream (had it last night and OMG I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!)

I'm using MyFitnessPal to enter food, and right now, without dinner and dessert entered, my calories and fat are frighteningly high but my carbs are at 99 grams. I'm aiming for less than 150, so that's okay so far.