I'm an avid cyclist. (Honestly, never thought that would happen...)

I do an hour cycle 3 days a week before breakfast. No problem. I never run out of energy. All is hunky dory.

But about a month ago I did my first long distance event - 77 miles. I completed it (slowly!). But my nutrition was all over the place. I had my (non-primal, cyclist) friends telling me to 'carb up' beforehand. But carbs make me feel ill. During the ride I didn't fuel myself enough - a couple of energy bars, a gel, isotonic drinks, tons of water.

I want to be better prepared next time.

I am reasonably sure I am 'keto-adaptive'. I have quite a lot of weight to lose (there should be PLENTY of stored energy in this body!). But next time I do a long distance ride, or another triathlon, I don't really want to shock my body with the traditional gels and carb-loaded energy bars.

What do you guys fuel with during long distances? An hour ride, I don't need anything. But the 7 hours on the bike - really probably needed something proper!


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