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Thread: Endurance nutrition...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catherine View Post
    i've got Allen Lim's book. I'm kinda skeered of all the white rice in it, but i'm kinda thinking of trying something like this bar for our upcoming week of riding in Durango. I stick to pemmican but my husband still likes traditional cyclist sweet stuff. Might try these.

    i also bought an omega juicer and we've been drinking beet juice nearly every day.

    gonna try those flourless chocolate muffin things too sometime. But i'm a pretty poor baker so i don't have high hopes.

    White rice is a pretty clean source of glucose, very few downsides to using it as an athlete. Again, a compromise to make if you want to take the performance to the next level.

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    Lim's book is good and I agree you shouldn't sweat the rice, although I stick to tubers. Tastier too.

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    oooh but i did buy the calrose rice. And the other day I had this odd craving for buttered rice. Oh.Yes. Rice was one of the harder things for me to give up, along with corn tortillas.

    Even tho i try to ride my bike pretty regularly and i do race, i don't really see myself as an "athlete". All the rice in that book looks fine for guys riding at pro-level, 5 hrs per day, but i seem to be doing fine w/o the rice.

    but i may try making those bars this weekend.

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    I don't have experience with endurance competition like that, but I can say that a watermelon is my favorite thing on a long, hot day. I naturally can sit down with it and cut it open. It hydrates, adds plenty of calories, and tastes great. If this isn't an option for you, maybe just go for a sports drink?

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