I've had some incredible results since going primal over 2 weeks ago. No more intense food cravings, SO MUCH ENEGRY, lost a couple pounds, glowing skin, balanced moods etc.

The only complaint is that I have started breaking out again on my face and its' really irritating because everything else is so great about this diet, and I spent years perfecting my diet/ lifestyle before this to get rid of my acne.

I had acne as a teenager and in my early 20s up until a year ago when I cut out all refined sugar and reduced my grain intake immensely. My acne disappeared completely and would only return if I ate chocolate, soda, or sweets. I was eating a lot of fruit, salads, beans, plant protein with a little bit of fish, bread, eggs and some grains like quinoa and rice. So basically the only thing I have changed in my diet is the addition of more meat, and the complete removal of grains/legumes so I don't see why this would suddenly happen.

I'm wondering what is causing this. Here is my typical daily diet. I exercise for an hour 6 days a week (light run / walk/ sprint/ hill climb then stretching and weights) and get plenty of sun.

Day 1

Breakfast - 2 egg omelette with onion/mushroom spinach and half avocado, Coffee with cream

Lunch - Chicken or salmon with cooked veggies in coconut oil

Snack - grapefruit or banana if hungry

Dinner - Fish or Chicken / Beef over salad greens and raw veggies with lemon

Day 2

Breakfast - Green Smoothie with banana / blue berries / spinach, Coffee With cream

Snack - 4 Brazil nuts or Macademia if hungry

Lunch - 2 egg omelette w 1/4 avocado

Dinner - Chicken / Beef or Bacon with raw veggies

If anyone can help me out here I would be so grateful because I really feel great living this way except for this acne. I might add that the acne is coming on a different place on my face than before with the sugar. (Sugar was chin, Now it is more on my cheek as well as chin) Thanks so much!